Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Salon - The After Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is Over

Thanksgiving officially ended last night as my alma mater, Mississippi State relinquished the Egg Bowl trophy after a 3 year winning streak to Ole Miss.  Most schools have a #1 rival, and in the SEC, we feel those rivals all the way to our core.  I'm not exaggerating here...the week before this game feels very much like a presidential election week...snarky Facebook statuses and quips between friends that very quickly get personal.  Families divide should any member desert generational tradition and actually enroll in the wrong school.
Heaven forbid.  
Neither of our college aged kids even considered Ole Miss as a prospective college...not that the husband and I told them that they couldn' just somehow was understood...that's how deep this goes.
My husband does have one prodigal brother who attended Ole Miss...sometimes we all watch the game together...but sometimes we don't.  In his defense, it's probably pretty difficult to be the lone ranger in the wild west of crazy Bulldog fans.  He has succeeded in indoctrinating his children, however, so now he has back-up.  
Age doesn't matter though...if you choose the other team, you choose to be maligned, no matter how old you are ;)
The husband's mother tries to keep the peace...she even supports Ole Miss as long as they are not playing Mississippi State.
Blasphemy ;)

Anyhoo, the game is always a toss-up...doesn't matter what the teams' records are, whether or not there are magical players on either team, and/or even where the game is played, anything can happen in this game. 
And, so it did last night.
Ole Miss won last night...that's hard for me to type.
I couldn't find a picture this morning of the trophy without those pesky Rebels/Black Bears holding it, so this one will have to suffice:

Poor little trophy...stuck in the middle of nowhere...until next year... :p
Should you be interested in a blogger's short history of The Egg Bowl, you can find that here.

Back to the Old Grind

5 a.m. will come pretty early in the morning...Oy. It's always hard to go back after a teaser holiday.  I also have to work hard to keep myself sane during one of the most hectic times of year.  I really do become quite a hermit...hiding in my house till all the hoopla settles down.  I'm not a fan of hoopla.  

I'm almost caught up with my Dexter watching...I've made it to Season 7 and am a few episodes in.  I won't be able to watch tonight's episode bc I'm not quite there yet, but I should be caught up by next Sunday!  I've got a review of Season 5 and 6 already started and will share my thoughts soon.

I got sidetracked with my Thankfully Reading weekend plans...Notorious Nineteen was released last week, and I had forgotten about it.  I downloaded it to my Nook since I know those are just fun books and not "keepers" for me.  I read it in just a few hours and snorted through much of it.  Evanovich seems to have returned to classic Stephanie Plum and thank goodness for that.   
I'm reading The School of Essential Ingredients today and will start The Lost Art of Mixing by tomorrow to prepare for my review later this week.

Today is the last day to enter the Gratitude Giveaways, so be sure to take a look at the books I have there in case your interested and then hop through the other giveaways listed at the bottom of the post.

In December, I'll be participating in a Blog Hop organized by Amy over at Passages to the Past.  If you're a fan of historical fiction, then check out the sign ups post linked below.  This is Amy's first Blog Hop and focused on one specific genre, so I expect it to be a little more low-key than some of the crazy blog hops out there...just perfect for the Christmas season, I think (see hoopla statement above).

Passages to the Past Blog Hop Sign Ups

This Sunday Salon post is already long enough, but I want to include the last two links from the NYTimes this week.

Texas and Secession - WTF - seriously, people, this isn't a party thing for me.  I understand the whole "if so many people sign the petition, then The White House has to make a statement" but really????? 
 Lord, have mercy.  
The Civil War wasn't pretty...not at all...for either side.  I don't think this kind of "I'm gonna take my ball and go home" politics is what this country really needs right now.
Just sayin'

Larry Hagman dies - Aww, man.  Dang. I watched the old Dallas on Friday nights and became a fan of the new Dallas last year.  We also own every season of I Dream of Jeannie on DVD.  
Just dang.

And there you have it...the brain purge of the week :)
Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. That game sounds a lot like our "Brawl of the Wild" where the University of Montana Grizzlies meet the Montana State Bobcats. The local news and newspapers seem to report nothing but football for close to two weeks in preparation. Hell reigns down on the losing team.


    If as much money and attention was spent on actually educating the children up here....

    I'm looking forward to Amy's hop. I'll have a box o'books just like the gratitude hop but of historical titles.

    1. I'm sure every state has its version...and you are only we had as much passion about academics :/

  2. We've got the same thing going on between Purdue and IU. Purdue is usually on the losing end but this year, despite a deplorable season, we won. Woo hoo! I love a good Stephanie Plum but I'm thinking it is time to figure her shit out and start a new series. Sheesh. And I love (LOVE capital letters) Erica Bauermeister. The School of Essential Ingredients is spectacular on audio, and I can't wait to read her new one. She writes the most precious books for a woman's heart.

    1. Either Evanovich didn't try to over-analyze this one...or I didn't...Stephanie needs to stay with Morelli. I tolerated her giving Ranger a try; now it's time to get over it. There's a lot of flirty stuff in this one but Stephanie and Joe are in a good place.
      I'm loving The School of Essential Ingredients so far :) It reminds me of Kathleen Flinn's Kitchen Counter Cooking School...of course Bauermeister's was first; I'm just reading backwards :/ story of my life.

  3. I know the BYU/U of U rivalry is just as strong as is the Boise State/Idaho rivalry. I attended BYU and I live in Bronco country! Those ties are strong. And, growing up in the Bay Area, professional rivalries are just as bad as college. Being A's and Giant's fans, I remember when a friend came over to tutor me in math. He was wearing a Dodgers hat and my mom made him take it off and leave it on the porch before he could come in. He was good natured about it and she denies it now, but it happened.

    Can't wait for your reviews of Erica Bauermeister. I really enjoyed both of those books.

    1. LOL! I completely understand your mom's conditions :) Makes perfect sense to me! :)
      I had to stop reading today to get some grading out of the way for class tomorrow, but I should be back in there tomorrow. I'm loving the ambiance of The School of Essential Ingredients so far :) Such a warm, understanding place, the cooking school :)

  4. I think there was Yale vs Harvard game locally, which made traffic a bit annoying in Cambridge but otherwise was unnoticeable -- football isn't quite the same thing here. :)

  5. Wow it does sound like those rivalries go deep! I am not really a sports fan, but I do like basketball at times. I actually won tickets to a game, but wasn't able to make it there. I was also sad to hear about Larry Hagman. He was a face from the past that I always remembered.