Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boston's Hurricane Nor'Easter

My first visit to Boston a couple of years ago pretty much moved Boston to the top of my list of favorite U.S. cities.  
I love the historical aspects of the city and absolutely love that so many of its people actually KNOW and CARE ABOUT the history.  

That's my friend Alicia on the left, posing with this beautiful young 18 year old who was our restaurant server our first night in Boston at Durgin Park.  This young woman was incredibly friendly, started a genuine conversation with us and was able to answer all of our questions about where we were in a conversational tone...she hadn't "memorized" any of it.  I even asked her if the restaurant owner required that they know about this historic restaurant which argues (along with Union Oyster House) about who has been in business the longest).  Our server said the owners like for them to know about the history, but they have no script to follow nor are they told to learn it.  She just thinks it's "cool."  Ahem.  A kid who thinks history is cool?  
Oh boy.

One of my favorite, favorite things about Boston besides its people is their spectacular accents.  I've lived my entire life as a Southerner...and my accent is thick.  I've been to meetings all over the U.S. where I'm asked to talk frequently...just to the other participants can hear it.  I'm serious.  
I don't mind; I don't hear it myself, but obviously it follows me.  
Bostonians have their own distinct accent and it thrills me!  

What further makes a Bostonian accent so much fun is the lighthearted way its speakers deal with it.  They seem to embrace it just as much as I embrace my Southern twang :)
Our accents are part of who we are and are something we picked up as children as we were immersed in the language of our families and our areas.  I love that.

What makes me sad though is having to leave early due to the impending blizzard :(  
The news stations are all warning of possibly 2 feet of snow.

Here's what it looks like at my house in Mississippi when it snows:

In Mississippi, we watch the snow fall, we giggle and squeal and even run around in it with our shorts on.  If there's an inch, we quickly form snowballs and mucky looking snowmen and frequently change our sopping wet clothes while playing in the snow bc it's melting just as quickly as we can play with it.  The day we had the snow in the pic above, we delayed school openings.  

Here's what 2 feet of snow looks like in New England:

I don't have a clue what you do with this.

In the words of one of my favorite meme ladies on the web: 


  1. When I heard the weather reports I immediately thought of you and I was wondering how a Southerner would deal with all o'that cold.

    Now I know.


  2. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and 105 degree temps, I can deal with...2 feet of snow, not so much :)

  3. My brother lived in Boston for 6 years and picked up an accent. My daughter's finance grew up (through middle school) in Boston and his accent easily comes out. I love Boston too. Our house is beginning to look like the one in your picture! It has been snowing like crazy here today.

    1. Stay warm, Nise!! I'm home now and it's 65 degrees!!!

  4. I hope you're staying nice and warm! Uh oh, looks like it was 65 yesterday. Wonder what today brought?

  5. We had a nice relaxing day on Saturday as well as Friday, Andi but storms yesterday :( now I wish I hadn't whined so much about the snow.