Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Working in Boston this week

A few days ago, my youngest, a friend and Layla were playing in the front yard with temps almost in the 70's.

I knew I had this ahead of me...so I tried to enjoy the sunshine.

The youngest likes to send one of her friends with me on trips, and Llama Llama was the winner for the Boston trip.

Llama Llama and I spent a looooonnnnnnngggggg day at the airport.  We boarded our first flight only to have to get back off the plane when the forward outer doors wouldn't seal.

A few hours later and 2 missed connections, we finally left the airport.  Llama Llama was tired.

Llama Llama and I stayed positive all day...and we were rewarded with this view of Boston Harbor when we finally checked into our hotel.

Llama Llama thought we should turn on the SuperBowl which was more than 1/2 over...but that was ok...we missed Beyonce and the blackout...but we did get to see the Dodge Ram commercial which we both voted as a winner.

Llama Llama and I had missed supper somewhere along the way, and we're trying not to eat junk.  We knew it was expensive to order room service...but it was almost 10 p.m. and we were hungry.
Who knew llamas liked clam chowda?

 Llama Llama could barely keep her eyes open once her tummy was full, so she went on to bed under the Chicago Cubs blanket the youngest insisted we bring.  

We woke up to this...

Beautiful huh??

My middle daughter said, "Mom, who's that crazy lady running in the snow??"  
I said, "That will be me before this week's over."
Oh, yes, I will run on the trail that runs parallel to Boston Harbor.
Rain, sleet or snow, I will.


  1. Don't you love it when one of the first things you see is a running trail in the making? You got the bug girl. Just cover your head and your hands and your body will take care of the rest! I love Boston...have fun!

    1. I've definitely got the bug! I love it though!! We're having to cut our trip short due to the impending blizzard :( I've got to try and get out there during a break this morning if I'm going to get out there. I'm sadder about that than anything!

  2. I love the highlight photos of your trip, We love Boston and have stayed at The Marriott Boston Harbor Hotel several times.

    Hope your flights home are easier.

    1. We're going home a day early bc of the storm so flights home are whatever I could get in order to get out of here and not get stuck :(

  3. We love Boston too, and have also stayed at the same Marriott.. great food, shopping, aquarium - enjoy your stay! and run! You are better than me... brrr....

    1. I may not get to run after all. So far I've run in the hotel fitness center bc of the the biting wind. I'm going to try and go out there sometime this morning b4 I have to leave to get ahead of the storm :( I'd hate to have to come back to Boston in the Spring just to run that trail ;)

  4. Oh I love the Llama LLama books! He seems very well behaved and a nice traveling companion. I hope you get to do your run (though I'd have to be forced at gun point to run in this cold weather.)

    1. Llama Llama was the most peaceful traveling companion I have ever had, Jenners ;) And, sadly, we didn't run after all. My friends from CO, NY and FL and I whined just from walking from the hotel to the water taxi...that's how cold it was :( Our trip was also cut short bc of the storm. I'm home now where it's 65 degrees :)