Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Fun Post...ABCs about me from Mommy Run Fast

Laura at Mommy Run Fast posted this yesterday, and I couldn't help myself.  

A. Attached or Single? Attached. 24 years and counting :)

B. Best Friend? my husband

C. Cake or pie? good old fashioned, homemade chocolate pie

D. Day of choice? Fridays...the promise of the weekend and mostly laid back all day, even at work.

E. Essential Item? chapstick...any kind, any flavor, as long as I have something, I'm good.
F. Favorite color? red
G. Gummy bears or worms? Worms...the really sour ones
H. Home town? Starkville, MS
I. Favorite Indulgence? a "Little Bubba" from Bops ice cream

J. January or July?'s hot as blazes in the South in July, and we'll complain about it the entire month, but it's what we're used to.

K. Kids? 3 daughters, 20, 18, and 9...yes, I'm still sane...but barely :P
L. Life isn’t complete without? my long as I have them, everything else is no biggie.

M. Marriage date? March 4, 1989

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 1 younger brother 
O. Oranges or Apples? Apples...cored, sliced and dipped in Jif Peanut Butter 
P. Phobias? much as I love all animals and don't really even wish snakes any harm, I can't handle them.  They really freak me out.

Q. Quotes? 

“I can handle anything that life throws at me. I may not be able to handle it well, or correctly, or gracefully, or with finesse, or expediently, but I will handle it!” 

"I learned a long time ago life just isn't fair so you better stop expecting it to be."
Dana Reeve

R. Reasons to smile? my dog's soft brown eyes and her secret wink

S. Season of choice? Springtime in the South is incredible...especially with all the azaleas blooming
T. Tag 5 People. Anyone who would like to, please feel free to keep the survey going!
U. Unknown fact about me? I'm a pretty open book, so I'm not sure there's anything unknown, but I'm a napper...big time, and always have been.  My mom told me that when I went to first grade, the thing she worried about the most was how I was going to make it all day long without a nap.  I'm the same way now.

V. Vegetable? broccoli, asparagus, spinach, lima beans...I grew up eating out of our family garden, so veggies are 2nd nature to me.  
W. Worst habit? biting the inside of my jaw when I'm thinking hard about something.
X. Xray or Ultrasound? Neither bothers's the MRI's and cat scans I can live without.
Y. Your favorite food? cereal
Z. Zodiac sign? Libra

Who wants to play next??


  1. Oh I love napping too. I think I would do well in a country like Spain, siestas sound like a wonderful idea!