Saturday, June 1, 2013


After 6 months of running injury free, I participated in a Pilates class the other night and couldn't move when I woke up the next morning. :/

Um, yeah, well, and it was just an intro class.

I'm obviously about as flexible as a 2x4 piece of lumber.

Anyhoo, I spent the day flat on my back with a prescription my doctor gave me the last time I did this to myself and just wanted to cry.
I had planned to start a 7 week training program from Runner's World to push myself to run longer distances.
I pulled the plan out of the magazine, posted the first week on  my bulletin board and got started on Tuesday.  
This past Saturday I was able to run 3 miles without stopping...I want more!

And, now this.

I also have to have a stupid gynecological surgery in a couple of weeks...nothing outpatient procedure actually...but bc of the location of the cyst I have, an entire gland has to be removed...there will be stitches and no running for 2 entire weeks.  I've re-scheduled and put the surgery off as long as I can.  

I have races to run!!

Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself...can you tell?

I felt better physically yesterday, but mentally I was still way down.
Finally about 7 p.m. last night I decided I would walk Layla on a leash...something I don't do very often.  She walks/runs with me most of the time off leash and responds to voice commands.  On my last run, however, she acted like a maniac when she got wind of another dog.  I had to take her home and leave her whining with my husband while I finished my short run.  (This was before Pilates).

I knew I needed to at least get outside last night or I was going to have a panic attack.
I'd already eaten as much kettle corn as I could...and that wasn't helping matters at all. :/
Imagine that.

Layla and I started out, and she couldn't figure out why in the world she was on a leash.  She followed my instructions, however, and heeled nicely.
I swear it's like she knew I was upset.

Almost half-mile in, my back was feeling ok...and I was feeling better mentally just from that brief amount of time outside.
I unclipped Layla from the leash, reminded her that we were practicing heeling, and I started a slow jog.

Next thing I knew, Layla and I had run/walked 4.2 miles.

To say that I felt like a new person afterwards would be an understatement.

I purposely walked up all hills and ran downhill and flat surfaces.  I forced myself to walk even if I felt ok.  I wanted to work a different muscle group than the one I work regularly.
I had gum in my mouth, listened to every power song on my Iphone, and even let myself increase speed on the running sections since I knew I would be stopping at the next hill.
It felt so good to just RUN!

To say that running is therapy for me is also an understatement.
After our run, I sat by the pool with my GNC lean protein drink while Layla soaked in the cool water.  The water from our Polaris makes a sound like a waterfall as it hits the surface.
I could have sat out there all night.

We went inside, I rolled out my yoga mat, and did a few of the poses/stretches I learned the other night at the demonstration from hell.
I did them slowly and stopped anytime I felt pain in my back.
After a soak in my big tub, I was ready for bed, feeling good about myself and the world again.
Layla was exhausted as well and slept at my feet the rest of the night.

I knew as I closed my eyes that "tomorrow is another day," and I really don't like kettle corn anyway :p


  1. You sound like my husband. He's been a runner for longer than he's been with me and he has arthritis in his knees. He's been trying everything short of knee replacement - and that is not off the table - to get back to running.

    Right now it's losing some more weight and some really bright new running shoes.

    1. Patty, I just ordered a new pair this morning...I'm feeling good today with registrations already paid for two more 5Ks and my first 1/2 marathon in Feb. 2014 so there's no stopping now. I just have to take my time and give my old body the rest it needs in between ;)

  2. It is important that you keep doing the Pilates though! That will really build your core strength (abs and therefore back) so you can run those longer distances. You will be amazed at how much those workouts will help you with your running goals! I think every runner has periods of time where they are hurt but you just keep at it. I have just started up again after four months recovering from plantar fasciitis, which was horrid. I just have to be careful not to injure myself again. Blah!

    1. I can't even imagine 4 months without running. I think for my next class I'll go somewhere where the instructor actually walks around and makes sure we're in the correct form. I'm not blaming the instructor, bc at 44 yrs. old I should know better than to try and do more than I should just bc everybody else around me can wrap their legs around their heads :p There were a couple of the 5 core exercises where I could not figure out how to breathe like she was telling us to so I just held my breath...probably one of the worst things you can do and maybe exactly why I got hurt. I'm good today...even mowed my little backyard area with my Aunt Bea push mower a little bit ago. Maybe my muscles were just in shock ;)

  3. I have tried running regularly several times over the years, and I find it just doesn't feel good to me. My knees complain, my neck/back complains and overall I just feel like I'm pounding on my body. I'm in decent shape too, I don't know the reasons. So.. I get my exercise by walking, kayaking, riding horses and yoga. I think you're either a runner or you're not. Those who do it well, really enjoy it.

    Hope you're feeling good as new real soon -

    1. Karen, I never thought I would like running until I reached a point in December of 2013 where I knew I had to do something. I was in the worst shape of my life, physically and mentally, and it was only going to get worse if I didn't do something. Lots of people told me to try Couch to 5K so I finally took the plunge and did it. If you had told me 6 months ago that by summer I would be running 3+ miles without having to stop and gasp for air, I would have fell down on the floor laughing. The adrenaline and endorphins help me for some reason; I know they don't affect everybody the same way bc my husband HATES to run. Do you do your yoga on your own, attend a class, a DVD?

  4. I can never get into the pilates class here at school but I have done yoga with similar (disastrous) results. As flexible as a 2x4. LMAO! I laughed at that image.

    1. Oh the downward dog position, I am the only one who cannot flatten my feet. No matter how I stand, I am still on my tip toes :/

  5. I'm glad you're starting to feel better! Running is absolutely my therapy, too... it's so hard when it's taken away from you!

    1. I'm dreading the two weeks the dr. says I CANNOT run. I will have to find other ways to keep my mind occupied :(

  6. Man I wish running was therapy for me. I used to run a lot but got out of the habit of it. Now I have gained a lot of weight and my knee acts dodgy about picking the running up again. ::sigh:: Too bad reading doesn't burn calories.

    1. Oh, wow! If reading burned calories, I'd look like I was starving to death :p My left knee was a pain as well, but C25K starts you off so slow and gives such good instructions that I think I actually very slowly built up the muscles around that knee. It doesn't bother me at all anymore. :)

  7. I really wish I had your drive. I am doing better with running,walking and overall eating habits, but I am not making it a priority that I need to. I have to get past saying that I am busy because there will be nothing to be busy with if I am not healthy. Maybe this is the kick in the pants that I need!!! LOL on the flexibility and I can totally relate.

    1. My drive is powered by how good I know I'm going to feel when I'm done...really.

    2. I ran this morning. I decided that mornings are now mine (at least for summer) since I am only teaching online. No more grading papers until after I run and enjoy the morning outside. I will grade after it gets too hot to run. I am also going to be taking my dog every evening possible for our 3 mile walk. By fall, I want this to be a habit that I cannot break. Otherwise, my fall schedule will take over. I do feel much better this morning.