Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mother of the Year...again.

As parents to be, we make all kinds of plans for our children.  
Then, as they grow up, we end up implementing things we never intended.  

I truly remember when I said my kids would never eat McDonalds. 
Go ahead and sneer and snort at know you said it too :p
My oldest could spot the golden arches miles away :)

Anyhoo, besides the obvious slip-ups, we also do things un-intentionally.  
This time my middle daughter was the recipient of my parenting "snafu."

Let's back up for a minute in case you haven't heard of my hoo-hah issues.
Part 1 is available here.
Part 2 is available here

Go ahead. 
Catch up...I'll wait.

The part I didn't already share was that a couple days after my surgery, after looking at my horribly deformed hoo-hah, I had no idea whether what I was looking at was normal, if any progress was being made, where exactly the stitches were, where exactly certain parts of my anatomy had gone to...etc.
I came up with a brilliant plan to take pictures, so I could SEE the progress. 

Oh. yes. I. did.  

Do not panic; I will NOT be sharing those.  

They've been deleted anyway, bc after I took the first two, it hurt worse to look at them, and I decided it's too weird anyway to take pictures of my hoo-hah.

Ahem. Cough. Cough.  
Stay with me, people.

Fast forward 3 weeks to yesterday.  

I'm sitting at the bar in our kitchen reading a book.  
My middle daughter comes in from work and says, "Mom, I wish you'd tell Reagan to stop taking so many pictures with your phone; for some reason your phone syncs up with mine so any time Rea takes pictures, they also load onto mine."

Not looking up from my book, I said, "Mmmhmmm,"

"It's a pain that I have to delete all of her stuff; it would be different if she just took one or two pics...but she takes tons in a row of the very same things...herself making funny faces mostly."

Again, still engrossed in my book, "I know, I's my phone; I have to delete them too." 

Then, she hits me with the big daddy of all big daddies.

"You know I got those pics of your VaJJ too."


She had my undivided attention then.

Me: "I deleted those!!"

Middle Kid: "Yeah, well, they still showed up on my Photo Stream."

Me: WHAT??? HOW?? OMG!!! 

Middle Kid: "I have no idea. Somehow our Photo Streams are synced."


Middle Kid: "Maybe not for life; I deleted it really fast once I realized what it was."

We spent the next few minutes figuring out how to UNsync our Photo Streams.  

We told my husband and the youngest about what had happened.  
Reagan, the 9 year old, immediately yelled, "Oh my goodness!! Did she put it on Facebook????"

Middle Kid and I both screamed, 
 Oh my gahhhhhhhhh!!!."  

Middle Kid shivered, and I passed out just thinking of the possibilities. 

And then we deleted both our Photo Streams again for good measure.

See, I told you I win.


  1. I missed all of the hoo-hah posts and I couldn't see how I possibly missed them, but they posted during my hellish production week so there you go. Wow!

    I had a friend going through the same thing but all they did was have her put calamine lotion on the darn thing and it drained!

    I know you didn't want to hear that just now. Hers was maybe a tad smaller than yours but at least you know you are not dealing with cancer.

    And the photos?? You ARE kidding, right? Photos?? LMHO! (that's laughing my hoo-hah off). Your poor daughter!! At first, when you mentioned the funny faces I thought, wow... it must have been really messed up if your daughter thought your hoo-hah was a funny faces. Bwahahaha!

    Of course I am laughing with you, not at you. This was probably the funniest thing I have read all month!

    1. I'm laughing right along with you, Ti :) Thankfully, my daughter was able to laugh about it as well! She certainly got my attention!!!!

  2. LMAO. Totally something that would happen to me. Totally.

    1. Ha!! I hope not! Talk about embarrassing!! And, you know my poor daughter will remember this forever. (I will too!!) :)

  3. OMG!!! I'm sure you are not laughing yet but you made me smile today. Isn't technology just great sometimes. Last time we did an update it messed up and synced the contacts with each other and then I lost everyone!!! Of course that is not as traumatizing as a picture of your Hoohah being synced. Thank goodness our children realize we are human and have a sense of humor!!

    1. Thank goodness especially that my hoo-hah picture was only synced with her phone. With technology these days, you never know what's synced with what, which social networking site you've signed on through Twitter etc. Really pretty scary when you think about it!!! If I'm anything to my kids, I'm a real person and make mistakes all the time. Then, we just move forward. I haven't always been that way, but with age, I'm learning there's no reason to stew about something that's already done. Laugh about it and move on...I am laughing btw :):) and so is she :p (thank goodness)

  4. I know it was mortifying for you (and your daughter!), but I found that absolutely hilarious!

    1. It was pretty funny, Melinda, after I made sure that my hoo-hah pictures were completely gone from both of our feeds and had not been synced anywhere else. I did feel like vomiting when she first blurted it out though :P

  5. oh my good lawd I woulda passed out from embarassment. However, you handled it well, mom!... ...OMG.

    1. I was too stunned to make any educated decisions about how to handle the situation, Karen, so I'm thankful it all turned out well after all :)
      I was humbled no doubt!

  6. Is it really bad that I'm snorting my coffee?

  7. I have always worried that something like that would happen! Whenever my phone syncs with Google Plus or whatever I'm paranoid that something will end up being shared with my circles ... *shudder*

    Hilarious though!!!

    1. All of these thoughts entered my head, Heather...just imagine! *shivers*

  8. Oh man how tramatizing!! Note to self, don't let phone automatically sync up with anything...

    1. nothing, nada...any time those social networks or anything ask me to sign in using my other passwords from other social networks, I say NO!!!!!!!!!

  9. OOOOOOOOOOMG. I am over here DYING. I'm tempted to tweet you a picture of the look on my face right now because it's a little bit of embarrassment, pity, shock, and OMG! LOLOL!

    Hmmm...maybe a mirror would be easier? I remember locking the bathroom door after having Elle to take a look without the possibility of being walked in on...and that cured me of all looking.

    I do hope you're feeling better, though! I take the awesome pictures from the color run that you are at least in better spirits.

    Oh Patti... LOL!

    1. I did resort to a mirror and am still keeping an eye on things...ahem. I am much better but still not 100%. I'm actually resting today bc I may have done a little much. It's just a terrible place to have a "wound"...the dr. said it would heal slowly just bc of its location :( I'll make it though...and yes, The Color Run (even though I had to walk most of it) helped a LOT! :)