Friday, July 19, 2013

New Stuff...Saucony, Two Moms in the Raw, Click, and X1 for Women

To say that the last couple of days have been good mail days is an understatement. 

Thanks to  Grace @ How I Complicated  My Life Today, I took advantage of FREE shipping at and scored a new sports bra, $7 running shorts, and a new tank.  The sportsbra is too big :( but the shorts and tank fit...I'll give them a run-thru tomorrow and let you know what I think.  
Love, love, love getting good deals on stuff I buy anyway.

I've been trying out protein powders and supplements a little at a time...I've tried Muscle Milk (delicious but way too much sugar for me) EAS lite (tastes pretty good, but the powder is HORRIBLE), and those gels...yick, yuck, blah.  
Several of the lady runners I follow are "Clickers" (including SkinnyRunner), and it seems to me that coffee lovers would be Clickers and Clickers would be coffee lovers...if that makes any sense...I just made up that word btw.  I love surely I'll love Click! 
Are you still with me?
I've already bought an entire box of EAS protein powder only to find out after the first pouch that I hated it!  Might as well have thrown that money into the toilet :(  While I'm not the most frugal person in the world (that would be my husband), I don't get a thrill out of throwing money away either.  
On the Click site, you can order the regular size products or you can give each flavor a try in these single serving samples. WIN!  
I have Mocha, Vanilla Latte, and a Decaf sample for $2.95.  

Ear buds are a popular commodity at our house.  Unfortunately, that means someone is always stealing someone else's earbuds  (chargers too...but that has nothing to do with this purchase)
I saw these particular ear buds, the Women's X-1 Momentum earbuds in Women's Running magazine a month or so ago and had to have have no idea how much they have my name written all over them :P  
I am not a morning runner...Layla and I wait until the sun goes down to hit the streets in our neighborhood.  She has a vest, but it's so hot, I hate to make her wear it.  I try to make sure everything I wear, her leash, etc have at least some reflective you see that these headphones light up??  
Oh my...I cannot wait to give these a go!!
The icing on top of this cake is that my earbuds no longer look just like everybody else's :):) 

I stumbled on this last product just yesterday.  On our way to the farmers' market, we stopped by Starbucks for a skinny latte for me and 2 Double Chocolate Chip Frappacinos for the daughters.  I'm a coffee lover so I'm never tempted by the sugary, syrupy, overloaded with whipped cream concoctions there...but I am tempted by their Banana Walnut Bread.  Sometimes I can't resist, but I was determined not to cave yesterday.  While we were ordering, I looked down and saw these:

I bought the Blueberry Granola Bar and the Gogi-berry Granola Bar and put them in my purse for later.  Later came as we purchased school supplies at Office Depot.  I had eaten a good breakfast, lunch and even a snack, but the dinner hour was approaching and I was beginning to get hungry, not to mention that my stress level was out of the roof at that point.  

Have you priced school supplies lately??
Did you realize summer was coming to an end?

I realized it standing in the middle of Office Depot today and started eyeing the Twixs, Peanut M&Ms, and Hershey Bars with almonds.  
Thankfully, I remembered I had these in my purse.  I pulled out the Blueberry Granola Bar right there in Office Depot and started munching while two of my daughters ran around the store gathering up more items for my buggy and checking them off the list.  

My 9 year old wanted to open the Gogi-berry Granola Bar while we were waiting on our food at Sweet Pepper's so I only got a couple of bites of was just as good as the Blueberry...look at all those whole nuts. These bars have just the right crunchiness and chewiness and just a hint of sweetener.  Really, really good.  I will be buying more of these to have around for snacks.  

Go see these ladies at Two Moms in the Raw
Their story is really inspiring :)
They have other products on their website as well, including cereal, crackers, truffles, and nut bars.  I'll be placing my order soon and will let you know what I think of the other products. 

Just so you know, I don't know anyone from any of these companies. 
 I purchased these products with my own money bc I'm 44 and I wanted to :P 
I enjoy reading other bloggers' posts about things on the market they've purchased and loved, so I'm just sharing the love :) 


  1. Love free shipping and good deals!!! :)
    So do the bras run big? I've never worn a saucony bra, but if I ever did buy one on sale I'd like to know if I should size down.

    1. Gracie, I think they do run big. I measured according to the directions and I was right on the line between sizes. I'm a size 8-10 in ladies clothes and usually wear a 38B bra. I calculated that I was between a L and XL so I ordered up. The XL hangs off of me, it's so big. If I was going to order this particular bra again, I would probably actually order a medium. I may seek out this bra in the store first though because I very well could have gotten my calculations wrong or just got a mis-sized bra.

  2. Sounds like you had a great mail week - gotta love them. When my hubby runs in the heat he has a little flasher he clips on his hat (he ALWAYS wears a hat as he has had serious skin cancer issues from now being 62 and growing up in an era that didn't think about these things compounded by being very fair and a former carrot top.)

    I think it might have been something he found for his bike riding but he found it worked well for visibility in running too. It flashes a sequence in red and can be seen quite a distance. It can clip on waistbands too and from what he says it's quite light weight.

    1. you'll have to ask your husband exactly what his flasher is called. I'd love to check that out! I just cannot do the early morning runs...I just can't do it. I need all the evening help I can get :)

  3. Sounds like we're close by! I found you from that Southern Bloggers linkup...

  4. Sounds like we're close by! I found you through the Southern Bloggers linkup.....I blog at and

  5. I have to try those Raw bars.

    Listen, I always shop at Office Max for school supplies but this year, I went to Walmart. I was there for something else actually and could not believe the prices of stuff. Seventeen cent notebooks, and $1 binders?? I don't have their class lists yet but I bought up everything and figured they'd use most of it and I may have to buy one or two special items but I got out of there for $40 and normally I spend about $150.