Monday, July 15, 2013

Running Re-Cap and The Color Run, Jackson MS

I'm going to try and post a re-cap of my previous week's running/exercise on Mondays from now on.  I enjoy reading other runners' re-caps, and I love the idea of having a log or journal...just like I do with the books I read :) 
Last week was a milestone running week for me bc it was the first week "back on the streets" after my hoo-hah surgery...that's sounds pretty shady, doesn't it? :P 
You're more than welcome to back up and read about my hoo-hah surgery and my Iphone snafu involving my hoo-hah if you so choose (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) , but it's time for the rest of us to move on :) 

Monday - post surgery - Day 1 - 1.13 miles with Layla on leash.  I ran/mostly walked bc more than anything I wasn't sure what would hurt and what wouldn't.  Layla wasn't happy about being on leash either so I'm sure that added to my stress...which added to mine...which added to hers...
I was disappointed to say the least...I was winded and light headed after 1 mile.  :( Boo!
Plank - 1:05

Tuesday - post surgery - Day 2 - 2.30 miles with Layla on leash.  I walked the first mile so Layla would remember our new routine.  Then, I made up my mind to run the 2nd mile at a steady pace, my only goal being to run it without stopping.  Not only did I run the mile but I logged my best time :/ My best time is still slow but who'da thunk it??
12:17 mile
Mowed the backyard with Aunt Bea
Plank - 1:10
Arms - 1 set of 10

Wednesday - post surgery - Day 3 - 3.22 miles with Layla on leash.  I walked the first two miles at a pretty easy pace.  My legs and hips were sore this morning so I really planned on taking it easy.  I ran the 1/2 mile just to get my heart rate up, and boy did I ever. Walked the last 1/2 mile +
Really sore (all over) after, and Kara Goucher reminded me at the end of my run that I had run 3 days in a row.  Tomorrow and Friday, I'll do something different to rest before The Color Run on Saturday...not sure what yet though. I have a couple of DVDs I might try :(
Arms - 2 sets of 10

Thursday - my muscles were screaming, similar to what happened when I first started running.  I decided whether I like it or not, I needed to take a day off.  I didn't even walk the dog today.  Poor Layla :(

Friday - we traveled to Jackson for The Color Run, visited with my dad, checked into our hotel, met my mom for dinner and turned in early.  The race time was changed to 7 a.m. instead of 8 because of the heat so we knew we'd be getting up VERY early.
The very nice server at Primo's in Jackson, Mississippi took this photo of my girls and me with my dad.  he brought us all those Mississippi State caps.

Saturday - The Color Run!! In case you've never participated in a Color Run, the race itself isn't timed.  It's actually a laid back run, which at times isn't really a run since there are so many people.  You can find more info here if you're so inclined.

To say the least, this is a fun experience everyone should participate in at least once.  Even  though the race isn't timed, my oldest daughter and I fired up our Nike Run apps just in case.  She's mega competitive like her dad and I'm more competitive with running than I've ever been about anything in my life :p Seriously!
 Anyhoo, 3,000 people were signed up for this run, so we decided the oldest and I would run together and my mom, my middle daughter and the youngest would walk and stay together.
 My "run" lasted about 5 minutes.  My lungs were burning and I just decided to walk.  I told the oldest to keep running and wait at the finish and that I would walk on.  I eventually caught up with some friends of ours who were in the wave right in front of us, but I was too far ahead of my trio to wait for them.  I slowed down and leisurely walked with our friends until we could see the finish line and then I let them go on ahead while I backtracked up the last hill to walk the finish line with the 3 we left behind.
My Nike app messed up somehow anyway and only logged 1 1/2 miles for some reason, so it was nice to just relax and have fun with the family :)

Here are a few photos from the day:



I have lots more pics on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you'd like to join me there :) 
We had a BLAST!!!! 


  1. Wow, sounds fun (and those pictures are awesome!).

    1. One of the best weekends in a long while, Audra!! :)

  2. The Color Run looks like a really fun event.

    1. Ti, it was a blast for the entire family!!! So much fun and so many smiles! :)

  3. Glad to have stumbled on your post - the color run sounds like so much fun! Def need to check it out!
    -Shashi @