Friday, July 26, 2013

What's in my Fridge? - Link up hosted by Running with Ollie

Lea over at Running with Ollie came up with a fabulous idea of blogging about what's in our refrigerators! 
 One of my favorite things about Rachel Ray's magazine is the last section where someone famous shares his/her refrigerator and Rachel asks him/her questions about it :) 
I told Lea I would love to participate.  


To say that my fridge was a mess is an understatement.  
Let me show you what I'm talking about:

I started to clean things up a bit before I showed you these photos, but then I decided a before and after might be a good idea for my first confession blog post about What's in my fridge :)

My middle daughter is with us this summer on break from her normal living arrangements at the dorm, so there are some things in my fridge that truthfully I didn't even know were there...the take-out boxes, for example.  So, I opened every single container in there (yep, scary) and threw out whatever looked questionable.  

Here's what's left:

1.  McAlister's and Chinese had to stay - no mold, looked edible, and middle daughter would freak out if she came home from work planning to eat either of these and they were gone.

2.  Bread - 100% Whole Wheat from Nature's Own or Pepperidge Farm is what I usually buy.  The bagels are honey wheat...a compromise with the middle daughter in order to get her to eat something else besides bread made with white flour. And, my little Quaker Oats fella in the background...I've loved him for as long as I can remember :)  I also have the little orange box of Arm & Hammer baking soda back in the back as well.  Did your grandmother tell you to do that?

*Why, you may ask, do I keep bread and oats in the fridge?  It's a sickness.  I'm convinced that little bugs will get inside those packages once open.  I can't help it.  It just makes me feel better to keep the bread locked away.  My husband grumbles about it every time he makes a sandwich or toast :P 

3.  On the bottom shelf, 2 cartons of eggs...the pink carton has only 2 left over from last week's farmer's market and the carton underneath is from a new to me label called Great Day Farms.  Ever heard of them? 

4.  The Chobani is mine, and the Bunny yogurt and Gogurts are my youngest daughter's.  Yes, I know.  Give me a break here.  
Speaking of Chobani, these are you eat the fruit kind?  I used to and then read so much about the added sugar?  

6.  And, of course, the Philadelphia whipped cream cheese peeking out from the back.

**One of my lights is out so it's kindof hard to see :(

 1.  Broccoli on top of spinach next to cut up watermelon on the top shelf.
Middle daughter requested the broccoli...I have no idea what for and I didn't ask any questions.

2.  I love a spinach salad anytime anywhere, but I also put a handful into every smoothie I make...whether it's mine or someone else's.  They haven't caught me yet :P

3.  We've had an overabundance of watermelons this summer and after the coyotes my family digs into one side, the other side needs attention so it doesn't go to waste.  As long as I chop it up, they'll keep eating it.  

1.  First drawer has more cream cheese...not the whipped only guess is that these are left over from some dinner, lunch, party or something I had to cook for?

2.  I do have to keep lunch meet and I normally choose Hormel bc it is the most preservative free of what's available...there's also some Hillshire Farms and then Oscar Mayer turkey hot dogs.  The hot dogs were a request as well.

Not a clue why this is upside down.

1.  Sargento cheeses and some naturally made cheddar from a local creamery.

2.  EAS Myoplex drink which I've been drinking after I run.

3.  And, yes, (my face is pink with embarrassment) white flour...a small container though and of course, it's in the fridge.  I have no idea how old that container is.  I probably should have thrown it out.

 Thick fresh cut pork chops and bacon from a local pig farmer.  He raises, processes, smokes and packages his own meat.  I had to get used to the bacon bc it's nowhere near as salty as the processed kind...bc it hasn't been cured.  


1.  Butter from the local creamery right next to Land O Lakes sticks.

2.  Blue Plate mayonnaise hiding behind French's yellow mustard - listen, I can't give up mayo.  I just can't.  I've tried.  And, Blue Plate is my mayo.  Nothing else tastes the same.  

3.  Look at that Bama Grape Jelly just bold enough to peek around the homemade (by me) peach freezer jam.  That ain't my grape jelly...probably my husband bought that.  

4.  The other 3 jars are home-made (not by me) pickles.
Downtown Birmingham, AL hosts the most awesome Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings called Pepper Place.  There is a lady there that sells pickles, but you have to get there early before she sells out.  She can barely keep up with the demand.  DELICIOUS!

1.  Annie's ranch dressing standing in front of Stubb's barbeque sauce.

2.  Jars of Polaner all Fruit - peach and blackberry, I think.

3.  What's left of a carton of Horizon 1% milk.

4.  Carrots - If I put these in the crisper, I will forget they are there.  Promise.  I put them in the door so they can wave at me when I open it :)

5.  On the bottom shelf, 2 lime juices and one lemon juice and another jar of Polaner All Fruit spread - strawberry is fantastic!

6.  A1, Heinz 57, Country Bob's and some other mystery steak sauce...the only one of these I eat is Country Bob's.  My husband eats the others once in a blue moon, but if he starts looking for one and it's not there, he'll say, "How can we be out of A1??" 

7.  Olives, home-made pepper jelly, an upside down bottle of Heinz ketchup, and Newman's Own Italian Dressing.

1.  V8 - my mother doesn't like for me to drink V8 bc of the sodium content (which is probably why the container refuses to look at the camera), but I've tried the kind with no salt, and it tastes terrible :(  I'm learning to make my own juices so hopefully I won't be buying this much longer.

2.  More Horizon milk - I drink skim, but I can only find skim at Wal-Mart.  I hate Wal-Mart.  I really do.
My community grocery only carries the 1% and 2% along with the whole milk.  Sometimes they have chocolate milk and sometimes they don't.  The chocolate is 1% and I'm ok with that.  I only drink it as a recovery drink anyway.  The rest of my family drinks it like it's the last carton of chocolate milk on the face of the earth...which is why I keep EAS or something else similar for after I run.

This was a lot of fun and I hope Lea's gonna do this more often!  Go on over to Running with Ollie and see what everybody else has in their fridge! :)


  1. awesome post! lol I can't give up mayo either!! Thanks for linking up!! :)

    1. It was a lot of fun, Lea! Let's do it again!

  2. You are brave.
    Mine is full of home canned jams, pickles, ketchup, etc.
    Big box o'wine for cooking. Mason jars full of goats' milk. Lots of cartons of eggs from the stupid chickens. One homemade cheese and right now a HUGE pot of venison stock 'cause I'm making onion soup tomorrow to can for the pantry.

    Oh, and zucchini. Once they start they never stop until the damn plants die.

    1. Oh I was nervous, nervous, nervous, Patty! That's why those first pics aren't close-ups :)
      I've got tomatoes, butterbeans and peas that need canning and freezing right now...a couple of busy days ahead, but I'll be glad for it in February! :)

  3. Gawd, I am always so curious about people's fridges! The contents of their kitchen cupboards/fridges/shopping trolleys come second only to the contents of their bookcases in my 'need to snoop' stakes. :)

    Broccoli rocks. And you're not alone - I keep my bread/fruit teacakes in the fridge too. I just find that it lasts way longer that way, especially in the summer when everywhere's warm and humid!

    1. Me too, Elli!! :)
      My husband grumbles when he gets the bread out, but he knows I'm right :)

  4. Well, that looks much nicer than my fridge. I always have a ton of produce rotting away (there's only two of us, and sometimes I just can't keep up with the zucchini!) and myriad condiments. I like to can, so we often have marmalade, jam, preserves, sliced pickles, whole pickles, brandied cherries, pickled onions, okra...yeah, the door of the fridge is a disaster.

    And I can never shut the cheese drawer. Too much deliciousness crammed in there.

    1. I just learned to can a few summers ago and it still makes me nervous. I'm so sure that I'll make some mistake and give people botulism :p But, I do love it. I'm working on some tomatoes this morning.