Saturday, August 17, 2013

Search Me Saturday or The crazy ways some people find me...

It's fun to read the search words and phrases that others use to find my blog.  I wasn't even aware that a blogger could do this until a couple of other bloggers told me.  Now I'm hooked!
I can see why some of the searches lead them to me, but others are just weird :P
See what you think about this week's searches:

I fell off my clean eating for a few days...

um, yeah...unfortunately, I get this one easily :P 
Stress is my impetus for jumping falling off the wagon most of the time, and I talked about that here.

Lord, grant me

every day, Lord...every day...
I try not to preach on my blog, but I also don't make it a secret that I have a incredibly strong faith.  I seriously don't understand how people continue on with their lives after catastrophic events without faith.  This past December, the Newtown shooting really pushed me over the edge...I was pretty close already, but when I came home that day and found out what had happened while I had been hidden away in my office stressing over getting final semester grades turned in, all I had that made any sense at all was my Bible.  I posted about that here.

the book Explosive Eighteen

Stephanie Plum fan right here, folks

What music does dr. pierce listen to?

This search question was a riddle to me until...
Omgoodness! I realized that the main character of the tv show Perception is Dr. Pierce!
he listens to classical music!!!
I posted about the show here.

cooking with children at church

One of my favorite, favorite activities at our church is the potluck suppers we do once a month...I've posted about them a couple of times, including here, so this search didn't really surprise me at all.
Also, one of my youngest's favorite birthday parties of all time was also a Kids in the Kitchen birthday, which I also posted about here.

crossed leg sat lady


I'm a lady.
I cross my legs sometimes.
That's all I've got :P

Do you ever look at the searches in your settings??
Do they make sense to you??


  1. Didn't know I could look at my seach settings, will check it out. Love Perception.

    1. I didn't know either, Nise. After I saw a couple of others' postings, finally someone asked the blogger how to find the info! I've been peeking at mine ever since :)

  2. I do. A lot involve goats.
    I wonder why?

  3. Oh yeah, I love looking at the search queries that lead people to my blog - some are just so hilarious and some can be downright embarrassing.

    1. HA! One of the bloggers who posts about these regularly is The Bloggess...hers will make you blush!!

  4. Fabulous idea for a post! I, too, enjoy learning how people arrive at my blog. :)

  5. Haven't done that. Perhaps I should.