Monday, October 21, 2013

Bath and Body Works - One of my favorite things :)

I'm a longtime fan of Bath and Body Works.
I'm a longtime fan of baths.
Bubble Baths to be specific.
And, I've always had a really sensitive sense of smell.  I either love something...or I don't.  
The "I don'ts" are tough.  

There have been times in my life that I, like everyone else in the world, have tried to cut back on "extras" in order to stick to my budget, and from time to time, bath stuff has gotten crossed off the list.

My middle daughter now works at Bath and Body Works.
 To say that my love for this store has been re-ignited would be an understatement. 
The middle daughter knows that if she needs a little more to make a segment, just give ole mom a call.  
There's always something on my list :P

The youngest daughter is a "Germ-X" afficianado.

She has 37 of those little dudes at present...and counting.
This past weekend, middle daughter texted me from work, letting me know that a little girl who just came in with her mom bragged that she currently holds the record at 47 "Germ-Xs" and that I needed to tell my youngest.
The youngest was silenced by the obvious seriousness of this other child's collecting abilities.
And, silence for this kid is saying a lot.

A few weeks ago, my middle daughter mentioned that a really good friend of mine had visited the store.
This good friend is a Vegan, so my curiosity was piqued.
Turns out Bath and Body Works conducts absolutely no animal testing whatsoever at all on their products.
I had no idea.
Bath and Body Works does not shout this policy from the rooftops.
They just kinda go on with life as if no animal testing and cruelty free products are a normal, average, everyday happening.

I did some research, and guess what?
Cruelty free products are actually some of the hardest products to find.
As a matter of fact, most of the household brands I have used in the past are actually on the list of "uses animal testing at some point in their manufacturing process"

Now, I'm a visual blogger.
But, I'm not going to show you pics of bunnies with different colored hair or eye creams clogging their eyes, or even patches of skin missing from allergic reactions.
Those photos seriously upset me, and I don't want them here.
If you want to see them, all you have to do is google.
Go ahead; I'll wait. 

My problem is Why?
Why is it important for a bunny to lose an eye or suffer a reaction to a product that is essentially and "add on" to my life?
Most of us who use these products would never torture bunnies.
But, by buying these products, we are actually giving permission to a middle man to do just that.
I, for one, am not doing it anymore.

Bring on my Bath and Body Works, my Burts Bees, my Aveda, and my Bare Minerals make-up and body products.  
Bring on my bubble baths with extra special scents to mark the season and my candles that flicker at night and help me unwind after a run or even just a stressful day.
Bring it.
Because from now on, that's where my money is going.


  1. Well said, my friend. Animal torture in the name of cosmetics? That gets a resounding NO from me, and I'm not a vegan at all.

    It takes a little more effort to find the products that qualify as cruelty free, but it's worth the extra time and extra money, from my point of view. THis is one reason I have recently enjoyed browsing the Sephora website--for each product they list this very thing. Not all of the products that they carry are cruelty free, but they make it easy to tell. Good for Bath & Bodyworks to take that extra step.

    1. So glad you mentioned that about Sephora!! I'll keep an eye out there!! I'm not vegan either, but I'm slowly but surely becoming more and more overwhelmed by the meat industry. Everything I've read says we eat more meat than we need anyway, so we've essentially created the problem of animals "grown" in large quantities and given growth hormones to satisfy our greedy appetites. I'm definitely cutting back.

  2. I stopped wearing make up when I stopped working and the only soap I use is Pricilla's and the only animal I test that on is me. heh

    I'm with you though, that I don't see the need.

    1. It seems really selfish to me....sacrificing an innocent for vanity? Nope, can't do it.

  3. I love certain things at Bath and Body Works, specifically, their Lavender Vanilla line and their White Barn candles. I also love their foaming hand soaps and my daughter's vanity resembles that of yours. SO many hand sanitizers and those sparkly holders for the hand sanitizers.

    1. I love the White Barn candles all time favorite scent is the Eucalyptus Spearmint line...LOVE it!!!!

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  5. I love Bath and Body Works! I'm even getting the husband to use their products. I didn't know they were animal friendly. That's superb!

    1. Isn't it wonderful!!! :) I don't feel so bad about buying so much now :)