Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Vacation continues...

I started thinking about cleaning up Christmas today.
Thinking about it.

And, then I folded some clothes.
And cleaned out my closet.  

Our sewage pump messed up somehow...again...and well, let's just say Clark W. Griswold became cousin Eddie.
(For the record, the husband was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and boots).

As the husband pulled the hose across the yard and turned on the pump, jumping out of the way of the first spew, I snickered. 
And, then I picked up my phone to take a picture.

That slip earned me a look similar to this:

I decided against taking the picture and instead closed the window.

I stole a Fresh Balsam wall freshener from my middle kid and plugged it in.
The smell, people...the smell.

Then, Clark/cousin Eddie actually needed my help, and I became the pump plugger inner and outer and bathroom water turner onner and offer over and over again from inside the house through the now opened back up window.

We were quite the sight I'm sure.  

Ain't life grand? 


  1. Living in a fifthwheel trailer for nigh on 10 years let's just say we had our share of sewage issues and leave it at that. Fortunately they always fell in the his job category.

    1. Ed always takes care of it and has cleaned it out many times himself, but the sewer won this time :(

  2. That does sound awesome....okay, not really!