Monday, December 9, 2013


I'm in Atlanta, GA for work.
During the Christmas season.
What that means for a homebody like me who likes to hibernate during the holiday season away from the crazy people is homesickness.
I'm a grown woman. 
Nothing wrong with loving my home and family so much that I'd rather be there than anywhere else in the world.  
And I ain't even sorry.

Thankfully though, my husband is with me on this trip, and we left our grown children to care for our home as well as Layla (the 90 lb German Shepherd who becomes a Chihuahua upon entering the glass doors to the vet.) 

Layla also freaks out when we get suitcases out of the closets.  I don't pack until I have no other choice for this very reason.
My daughter sent me this picture less than an hour after my husband, the youngest, and I left.

Layla: "This is my sad Chihuahua face because my mommy and my girl have left me with suitcases."

A little while later, I received this photo.  The middle daughter has an addiction to McDonalds that I have not been able to cure yet, so she took sad Layla through the drive-thru for a biscuit.  

Layla: "Whitney, my mommy says I'm not supposed to eat biscuits from Mackey D's, but if you say it's ok, I'll be a good dog for you and eat one."

This morning I woke up to this photo.  Layla sleeps at the foot of our bed, and this look is one of my favorites each morning.  Middle daughter slept in our bed with Layla so Layla wouldn't be so sad.  
She looks comfy there on my Pottery Barn quilt, doesn't she? 

Layla: "My mommy said 'Stay' before she left, and she also said, 'Mommy will be back,' so I know if I stay right here, she will indeed return to me. 
Besides that, this Pottery Barn quilt is quite comfy and smells like my mommy; no wonder she asked for this quilt for Christmas last year!"  
"Between my mommy's quilt, my girl's "cubbie" blanket, and my Whitney, I'm gonna be just fine."

Me: I'm coming home soon, Laylaboo!!!! 

German Shepherd = scariest dog in the world, right up there with Pit Bulls. 
yeah, right.


  1. Poor girl. Maybe you should Skype her....heh
    Safe travels

    1. I confess, Patty, we have indeed Facetimed!!! :)

  2. Poor Layla.

    Have a safe trip back.

  3. Oh, I know that woe. My kids send me pics of Frasier waiting at the mudroom door even when I go to the grocery store!

    Safe trip home!