Monday, December 23, 2013

Mary, did you know?

I poked my head out of my comfy cave today just to get a roll of wrapping paper and look for a couple of last minute things.  

Bad idea.

By the time I pulled off the highway, over the course of the time I was away from home, I spent more time sitting in traffic than I did anywhere else.

I saw several ambulances flying down the highway with their sirens screaming.

I saw 2 wrecks where thankfully the drivers seemed to be ok.

I saw one lady on her cell phone, pushing her buggy, with her child behind her, singing loudly.  The lady turned around and yelled at the child to "Shatup! I've bout had enough of you!!!"

And, then I saw another lady walking across a parking lot, screaming into her cell phone.  She made me and another lady pretty nervous.  

I put my earphones in and headed home.


  1. We are all foraging like squirrels here because I refuse to hit the market. I bought stuff for Christmas breakfast and we have reservations for the meal itself and then tonight we are at my in-laws but the only place we've gone is church! I really don't want to go anywhere until people are somewhat normal again.