Sunday, December 29, 2013

Webcams and Doggie Hotels

I've become one of these people.

I usually leave my Layla at the vet when we're away.  
Of course, like every other dog on the planet, Layla associates the vet with pain, shots, scary stuff, and scary smells.  
My 90 lb. German Shepherd turns into a Chihuahua when we enter the parking lot at the vet.  
Her entire body quakes, and I have to use my calm controlled commands, which she obeys even though she's about to toss her cookies.  

My oldest daughter is working at a pet hotel close to our home so I decided to give them a try for a quick trip to  my mom's.  

Yes, I got the did you know?

At first, I really liked the webcam idea.
Layla was still very nervous when we left...the other dogs were barking like crazy.
I felt so much better after we drove away when my daughter logged in to the site and pulled our girl's webcam up.  
She had settled down and seemed to be resting comfortably.

Here's the bad part of the webcam.
We can't stop watching. 

Every funny move she makes, we wonder if she's breathing ok.

Every time she looks around with those sad, brown, beautiful German Shepherd eyes, we say she's depressed.

When the light hit the floor in a funny way, we wondered if she had gotten sick.

She has a raised bed in her crate, but Layla's used to sleeping in a king-sized bed :p 
My daughter called this afternoon to ask the workers to put an extra blanket in Layla's crate so that if she never got on the bed, she wouldn't have to sleep on the hard, cold floor.  

Yes, we have become those people.


  1. Sometimes technology is a bad thing.....and may I add - hahahahahaha

    1. We are visiting my mom, Patty, and even though she's a dog lover too, she has rolled her eyes at us more than once as we all gather around the laptop or cell phone to watch Layla. :p

  2. Yeah, you are one of those people, but it is kinda cute. We do love our babies. Speaking of babies and technology, I've always wanted to put a little camera on one of my more adventuresome cats just to see what he does all night outside. I'm dying to know.

    1. Sandy, I almost had a panic attack last night when I thought Layla had gotten sick or had an accident in her pen. My daughter was asleep and it was all I could do not to wake her and have her call her co-workers...again. :p Turns out all is well and what I thought was an accident is just the way the light is hitting the floor in that certain spot. :/ Several of the workers have visited with her since they know she's our dog...and that we're WATCHING! :)

  3. Friends of mine are thinking of starting up one of those businesses.... you make some interesting points!

    1. I think that we've stayed on the cameras just bc it's new to us. But, it really does make us feel better to be able to log in and see her any time we want. She's more relaxed today...her tail is more relaxed and she's not barking...she's just watching the people go by and waiting for doggie daycare to begin :) The price is a little steep but thankfully we're getting a substantial discount since my daughter works there. But, my daughter says they stay full...plenty of people willing to pay the price of having their animals taken care of.

  4. I know from the one time we had to leave our pup at the vet, to have a tooth pulled, that she cannot stand to be away from us. We put her in the crate ourselves an she lowered her head and resigned herself to being abandoned. The vet said she did not make a peep the entire time she was there, UNTIL she heard The Girl in the waiting room and then went puppy nuts! She seriously thought we were going to leave her! I am not sure I could handle a webcam.

    1. That's the worst part for me too, Ti...knowing that they don't understand completely what's happening. Everyday when I leave for work, I tell Layla, "You stay; Mommy will be back." So whenever I have to leave her at the vet, I tell her the same thing, hoping that somehow she'll be comforted in some way.