Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Day of Firsts

I'm reading Short Leash today...which I'll review tomorrow...and trying not to get overwhelmed by all the "plans" I've made. 

When Layla was a pup, I took her training very seriously. 
I learned the hard way a couple of times what life is like with an untrained dog who is bigger than me.
I consider those precious animal failures mine, not the dogs.  
Both of those animals went on to live happy healthy lives with other owners.  

From day 1, Layla and I walked.  She learned what a leash was, where to walk, basic voice commands, etc.  In return, I gained a quiet friend who called my attention to the world around me.  

When I started running, she, of course, ran with me.  
But, I found myself sometimes getting frustrated with her because she would pull or step in front of me.  
She was busy taking in the scenery while I was fighting for air :P 

Since my husband's stent placement, he has walked her several times for his own health.  
I've watched her develop a relationship with him that they've never had before...and I want that back.

As I move forward into 2014, Layla and I are going to walk again.
I'm still running...and she can still go with me...but our walks are going to be sacred again.

So we can both stop and smell the roses :) 


  1. When I walk/run Rue, sometimes I forget that she is walking/running for entertaining, even if I am running for health. She just pulls a 360 on me sometimes or stops to smell some awesomely gross poo and then I brake hard trying to steady myself. I try to run on my own now and walk her for pleasure.

    1. We'll probably be doing more of that as well...there are a couple of places I run for variety where I like her with me for safety, but I think we'll stick to low-key walks on a daily basis for her. :)

  2. awe so sweet. I have formed very strong bonds with dogs over the years through running. While my husband has always been the "master" I've felt like I've had special relationships with our dogs. Good for you for training your dog so well and good luck getting out there to enjoy the scenery!!

    1. I wish I could run with her off leash...but she's not that well trained. I'd be chasing her about the time a squirrel or cat ran within distance. We also need to work on heel...there's always something to work on :)