Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ice Skating in Mississippi

We're in Mississippi where a typical winter includes some cold but usually no snow.  If it snows, we get a day off at the most to run around in the snow before it melts 10 seconds after it hits the ground.  
Every now and again, the snows stays a little longer, but by the afternoon, we have a big slushy mess.

For the last couple of years Baptist Hospital has put on Christmas on Ice in Madison, MS.  In November, they set up an outdoor ice skating rink and slide that's open through the first week of January.  They have concerts, great music, very nice restrooms, places to sit and visit, concessions, covered areas, etc.  I was truly amazed at what was available in this temporary space.  

Two of our nephews had a birthday party there yesterday, so we decided to experience ice skating in Mississippi.

The kids had cookie cakes, pizza, chips and drinks under a covered area especially for birthday parties.  Here are the birthday guys with the obligatory blow out your candles photos: 

Here's the youngest (in the blue and white jacket, jeans, and earmuffs), trying to figure out why in the world anybody wants to skate on ice anyway.

Here she is...still holding on to the side, and looking for I'm going out on that ice.
The crowd was crazy, and some of the kids were pretty wet given the huge area of water that had pooled in the center. 
It's Mississippi y'all.

Here's my sister-in-law's sister-in-law (Laura) who was there with her own 2 daughters but took time to skate with my daughter :) 

At one point, Laura asked Reagan, "You ready for me to let go?"  Reagan said "Nope" and held on tight.  Did I mention that I think this is the first time Reagan ever met Laura??
Now they're Bffs.  

Especially on ice in Mississippi.


  1. It's late, I'm tired and as I'm reading this I saw, "...they have concerts, great music, etc, concussions" and it made perfect sense and it was an ice skating rink.
    I need some sleep...or new glasses. Or something.

    1. LOL!! Your brain was thinking about all those Mississippians who don't have a clue what to do with ice!!

  2. They set up a rink here in Orlando as well. My daughter has gone with her friends, but you won't find me anywhere near it! Hey I hear it is supposed to be 30 degrees tonight. It's 74 now so...

    1. I was stunned that it's outside! I've been ice skating before in Alabama and in Gatlinburg, but both those rinks are inside where it's a lot easier to control the climate. I was scared to death Reagan was going to fall in that water and get soaking wet. Ice skaking hurts my ankles so I'm not in the least bit interested either. We woke up to 21 degrees this morning...when the wind blows, it feels like somebody is slapping you with ice. Yeesh...I am so not used to that!