Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday, not so much fun day

I'm in some pretty serious pain today...I've been hunched over all day today and have missed out on family fun this weekend.
The family went to a community festival called HubFest yesterday (without me);
my friends went on a Spay/Neuter/Return "stakeout" (without me);
and the family went fishing and planted flowers today (without me).
Can you tell I'm kinda ticked off about it too??
I was so ticked off that I watched sappy old movies on tv this afternoon...and even cried a time or two.
The menopause/no menopause stuff doesn't help either.  
That's a story for another day though.

My chiropractor is expecting me tomorrow, and I can't wait to see her.
I won't feel perfect when I leave there, but I will feel better. 

The one positive about being stuck in the house in front of the tv was that I got to see the Season Finale of The Walking Dead when it aired tonight...something that never happens.
But, then, I saw the episode.  
That's all I get??
For all my back pain?
For all the hype??

They messed with the wrong people.

Now we get to spend the next 6 months analyzing the crap out of everything.

I promise I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.
Well, maybe I promise.


  1. I am sorry your back is out - that sucks. I hope your chiropractor can sort it out for you. I have not seen the Walking Dead but from comments I've noted on facebook you are not alone in your thoughts

    1. I kept waiting to be blown away because that's what the creators kept throwing out into the media. It just didn't happen. :(

  2. The episode was a little anti-climactic but after all the rumors, I am so glad that a certain character did not get killed off. THAT got a huge sigh of relief out of me.

    Sorry about your back!! You sound really out of it. I hope the chiro can help. I know with me it takes a few visits to get me back to human again.

    1. I kept expecting them to sneak something in on us as well, and when the fight started after the crazies found Rick, I thought, "Here we go!" Thank goodness I was wrong. I bet the first episode of next season will be a jaw dropper though. It was good to see Herschel again, wasn't it? :)
      It take me a while too. I get really frustrated! Grrrr!