Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A New Beginning - Day 3

Day 3 was a more ways than one!

Middle daughter and I started our day off just the same...with her dragging me out of bed.  
Every year I question my sanity for signing up to teach Kids College, which means I have to get up early the 2nd week we're out for the summer.  
I'm a late sleeper from way use pretending otherwise.

We finished off our supplements, Spark, and Meal Replacement Shakes, packed our perspective bags, and headed to the college, me with my PE coach's whistle and middle daughter with her Accounting book.  

After quite an eventful morning...a kid caught in a rolled up cheerleading floor mat and a bat in the gym, we played basketball until 12:30.  
Sure did.

I snacked on a banana and some grapes while slurping my water as instructed by the middle daughter.  
I felt a little yucky this morning; I think that fiber drink is doing a number on my belly...Oy.
Cleaning out the toxins ain't a lot of fun.

For lunch I ate a spinach salad with carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, 2 boiled eggs, and homemade vinegar and oil dressing.
Supplements, water, yadda, yadda, yadda.

After a quick nap, shortened by the 10 year old and 20 year old yelling at each other about a Harry Potter wand (don't ask),  off we went to a nearby city to get the middle daughter a new pair of running shoes.  
No more Chacos!!! (for running anyway)
I took my Spark with me :)
Runner's High is a locally owned shop where you can get a gait analysis and one on one talk with the owners as far as your needs, your activity level, your history...etc.  
This couple also participates in and encourages community events, races, celebrations, kids activities (this weekend they're having a Tri-Athalon camp for kids!!), and running groups.  
A small store with a lot of character and the best customer service ever!
Oh, and the shoes are fantastic!!!  
I'm sure they talk about me when I leave...the lady who's too busy looking at the pretty colors to pay attention to what she actually needs :p 

Home again and fixed a simple Asian type marinade and threw some sliced pork loin into the bowl...threw that into the fridge, and put on our running shoes!

Today was a little tougher for the daughter.
New shoes always hurt my calves the first couple of times I run in them...and hers did too.
We kept moving, and I preached the old mantra, "it doesn't matter how slow you are...a 16 minute mile is the same as a 6 minute mile."
She was very tired afterwards but I think very proud of herself for being so strong. 
A good long soak in the tub and water, and she was talking about our next meals and workouts again.
This kid inspires me. 

The pork loin was fan-freaking-tastic...
At my house, very seldom do I fix anything that everybody likes.  This recipe made it into the record books at our house, so go on over and take a look!

We served this with fresh veggies (corn and limas) on the side.
Supplements and Water...yeah, yeah.

My snack tonight was a rice cake with natural peanut butter.
I've given rice cakes a hard time in the past...I really have.
But, y'all, with peanut butter, they're not half bad!!

I needed a little time to myself tonight, so my Layla and I set off on our own.  
I wrapped her leash tightly in a loop/pulley type way around my waist (sorry if that makes no sense).  
We've been having to work on pulling again, and I know that I need to reinforce to her that I am in charge.  
With a calm but assertive mind, I walked her at a heel all the way around our biggest block.  She was exhausted (in a good way) when we returned, and I treated her to a quick swim and then sitting in first dark for a bit...just she and me.

I have to carve this time out for myself. 
I have to take care of myself and my kids.
I have to keep my mind busy, and focus on the positives in life as much as humanly possible.  
This old world will drag you down in a heartbeat if you let it.  

I'm ready for Day 4 :)

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