Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A New Day - Part 2

My daughter is much better at getting out of bed in the mornings than I am, so as I was reaching over to push the snooze button again, she opened my bedroom door with a towel on her head and said, "Here's your Spark, Mom."


Like yesterday, we started off with our Catalyst tabs, Fiber drink, Water, and Meal Replacement Shake.
I didn't have her this morning at Kids College to remind me when to drink my water or when to eat my snack, so I was forced to remind my ownself...which was interesting indeed.

About mid-morning I snacked on a banana and some previously frozen peaches.
I was disappointed in the peaches.
My daddy grew and sold peaches from his own orchard for several years, so I'm a hard peach sell anyway, but these peaches had been frozen and sold as a fundraiser last year...I bought them without any idea of when they were picked, how sweet they were, etc.
Needless to say, I can't wait for the Farmer's Market this week, so we can have some fresh produce!!

I made it through the morning and headed home...hungry but not starving.
For lunch I had leftover spaghetti...only a few noodles but a lot of sauce...and a piece of toast and my Catalyst tabs again.
Oh, yeah and don't forget the water...bc heaven forbid, if I didn't have to visit the bathroom every 15 minutes. :p

The youngest kid had a dentist appt. mid afternoon. 
So, I took a short nap :) and we headed out again.  

We have struggled with her dental care over the last few years.  
Shocker of all shockers, she has some anxiety issues.

The dentist horrifies her and always has.  
4 years ago she had to have dental surgery just to have all the routine work done that she needed :/
Today was her very first time to actually have a filling filled in the dentist's office.
She said her arms tingled (from the gas)
and she felt like a chipmunk after...but she did it! Without surgery! $$

On the way back from the dentist, I snacked on an Advobar bc I knew I was pushing it time wise for snack.  
I was a little panicky about possibly panicking like I did yesterday. 
The Advobars are not my favorites...I hope there are other flavors bc it definitely hits the spot in a pinch, but I don't want to make them a daily thing.
I still want clean eating to be my main diet once we get passed this Cleansing Phase.

Today was one of those days where everything just seemed to overlap...the cable company was coming, I had to pick up a foster cat, fix dinner, and needed to do Day 1 of C25K with the middle daughter....somehow all before 5 p.m.  
Exercise with middle daughter won out...the other tasks were completed as well...but not before 5.
Middle daughter needs new running shoes...she ran in Chacos today...
**slaps head**

By the time we were done, and I started cooking dinner, I knew it was time for my 2nd Spark...I was beginning to droop.
My grandmother used to call that a Sinking Spell :)

I've read a lot of things about Spark...my biggest fear was that it would make my heart race...so far it doesn't.  I don't feel hyper or anything like that.
On the contrary, I feel more focused for some reason.
I have missed my morning coffee...but not as much as I thought I would.
Never thought I'd say that.

Middle daughter had to work tonight till 12 so she took over the panic in worrying if she would make it through till midnight.  
I delivered her supper: grilled chicken breast, salad with lots of veggies and a drizzle of Italian dressing, homemade hummus with 2 rice cakes for snack later, and a fruit plate just in case.  

I spent the rest of the night settling a foster cat back in and answering emails from online students (classes started yesterday).
A few minutes ago I started wondering why I felt so achy...but just typing all this up makes me realize I am achy because I. am. tired.

I snacked on a handful of peanuts and a few grapes before taking my last set of supplements.

Day 3 will be here before we know it!


  1. I don't know what "spark" is... so I believe I will google it. Good luck in your clean eating efforts.. I find when I eat healthy and "clean" I feel a heck of a lot better eventually.

  2. Sounds like what you need is a few more hours in your day. If you figure that out would you let me know?

    1. Oh yes...definitely Patty...if only, right??