Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17, 2015 - Birmingham

Mom and I have had a good day today, mostly just resting more...which is a sacrifice I'm always willing to make :)
And, I did finally get some work done on my online classes that start next Tuesday while catching up on a Criminal Minds that weird?

We got out a little bit and walked around a small area of Birmingham with lots of little shops...I always find myself drawn into the petshops...can't imagine why...and met a very nice Doberman named Thor today.  He was attending a special Doberman rescue fundraiser weekend.  Thor and I discussed the tricks he knew and the fancy schmancy backpack he was sporting.  Thor's mom uses his backpack to store her water bottles when she hikes.  
I'm pretty sure Layla needs a backpack now.

Birmingham is a very dog friendly city, and it's one of the many reasons I really love it here.  
We even browsed an Interior Design shop with a smaller frou frou dog later.  
When I met him, he was concentrating on whether or not he wanted to scale the stairs directly in front of him or have his mommy carry him.  I didn't want to break his concentration, so I didn't ask his name.  
Pretty cool indeed.

I found a dainty set of coasters with dog faces embroidered on them.  
Now, I do NOT need any more knick knacks in my house nor anything that sits around.  
But, guess which dog breed was on top?

I had to have them.  
It was meant to be.

My mom then pulled me into a "Sporting Goods" store, which ended up being ladies' clothing...I'm still trying to figure that one out. 
The day ended well when I tried on a pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans in a smaller size than I've worn in years...and they fit.  
What! What!
Not to mention that said jeans were on sale...$140+ jeans for $50?  I'll take em!

Little Jake at the shelter went home with his family today :)
He was a source of pure unadulterated joy when allowed out of his kennel...he could bounce, jump, sneak, chase, pounce, pat, and scoot with the best of them.  He made us laugh even when we didn't feel like laughing.

Godspeed, little Jake, and take care of yourself and your new peeps.

I have rounds tomorrow evening, and as much as I have enjoyed this laid back time with my mom, I miss my extended fur-family...
as well as my own family...two-legged AND four-legged.

Till then...

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