Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015 - Tebow

At the ARL, we have more than a few special needs dogs.

Tebow was surrendered to us as a young adult 2 years ago after stealing a turkey off the neighbor's front porch.
No comment.

Over the last 10 months, Tebow began having seizures...and they've steadily grown worse. 

Today he had 5 in the course of an hour.  

Tebow takes medication every day to control his seizures...Phenobarbitol and Potassium Bromide.
The medicine works for a while and then has to be readjusted...there are never any warning signs...the seizures just happen.
Sadly, we've come to the shelter in the mornings more than once and have found him after having seizures in the night...all the shelter.
That's the stuff of nightmares for rescuers.
Knowing that one of our own...who should be safe with us...was alone when he needed us.

Tebow's seizures are violent and disconcerting...the other dogs also know something is wrong, and they get upset as well.
We now have a surveillance camera right on Tebow so that he and the others around him can be checked on periodically by board members and staff during the night. 

But, today was the worst.

Tebow weighs 83 getting him to the vet in the middle of repeated seizures is not an easy task.

Thankfully, we have a staff from heaven.  
We called for help...and help came.
Help that was off the clock...already home...possibly laid back in their recliners.
Help came in 10 minutes and loaded our Tebow into a crate so that if he seized on the way to the vet, he would not hurt himself.
I headed to the vet with 3 cars of support behind me. 
See what I mean?
Staff from heaven.

After we arrived, Tebow had one of his most violent seizures right in the exam room. 
He slammed his head onto the floor and we saw blood.
It wasn't until the seizure was over that we were able to see that blood was from him banging his lip on his teeth as he fell.

The only positive to this experience was that our vet was able to see the seizure and study it. 
Tebow is hospitalized tonight so that our vet can re-examine the situation and contemplate if possibly there is an underlying issue causing Tebow's seizures. 

Tebow also needs rest tonight.
I personally will replay his exam room seizure in my mind all night tonight.  

God bless Tebow.


  1. Oh my gosh, he is such a beauty. You'd never know his struggles just by looking at him. I will pray for him. I sure hope they are able to find the cause so this poor guy can find his forver home.