Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015 - Saving Humanity

I watched this video the other day:

I couldn't help but think about what some people might say as they watch it.
Why spend all that time and resources to save a dog? a lamb? a cat?
Why not use that same time and resources on a more worthy cause?
Children? the Elderly? Disabled Veterans?

What I think people forget sometimes is that as hard as it is for those of us who think of animals as more than "just a dog, lamb, or cat,"  the truth of the matter is that the saving that's going on in this video isn't really about the animals at all. 

It's about humanity.

We live in a mean world. 
Yes, there are good people and positivity.
I know that.

But, there is also meanness.
A lot of meanness.
I don't even have to list the meanness...we read and hear about it every single day.  
If you're reading this, a couple of events have already popped into your head.

Those of us in animal rescue deal with a special kind of meanness.
More than our share of meanness as it is projected onto defenseless creatures. 

As the meanness grows in this earthly world, we become numb to certain amounts of it.  
Even if you are one of the most caring individuals alive, you've become numb to certain amounts of meanness.
You have.
It's a defense mechanism that keeps us from losing our minds.

What you see in this video, no matter how trivial some may humans keeping hope alive. 
Keeping hope alive.
Saving the small.
Helping the seemingly hopeless.
Patting each other on the back.
Applauding the human spirit.

Here's to hoping that we never become numb to saving humanity.

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