Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, 2015 - That Puppy Smell

Puppy raisin' ain't easy.
There's the chewing, biting, pooping, peeing, crying, yelping...

and then, when you think you just can't take it anymore, 

there's this...

"I didn't mean to."

And, then, there's that smell...puppy smell is a very distinct smell...I can't even compare it to anything else.  If you're a dog lover, you're smiling right now because you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

The hugs, kisses, tail wagging, happy to see you, loving, playing, cutie patootieying...
Yep, it's worth it.  
Especially when that pup is a foster and you're trying to prepare her for her forever home.  

"Wait...what?  You mean I'm not staying here?"


  1. Oh, she is so adorable! I've never actually lived with a puppy, as my husband and I have always adopted grown dogs. He used to buy purebred puppies, though, and he still talks about that puppy smell. I'll guess I'll just have to imagine the kitten smell that I so adore and translate into doggish.

    We have a very elderly dog right now, but I hope that after her time comes, that I can convince my husband to do some fostering.

    1. As difficult as it is sometimes to let them go when their fur-ever families adopt them, I've enjoyed my fosters. I don't celebrate the foster "fail" either. The point of fostering is to give them you can foster another :) We're trying to develop a foster program at our shelter with just that very goal in mind. :) Puppies are a mess! ;P

  2. What a cutie! I hope a wonderful family discovers her.

    1. Me too, Suko. I think she's going to be a smallish dog. It's so hard to tell when they are brought in as pups and we don't know anything about their history or parents. We can only guess. Smaller dogs are adopted quicker for some reason. I'm a big dog person myself, so I don't totally get that :p