Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31, 2015 Mardi Gras Parade

Our community had its first Mardi Gras Parade today.

The shelter decided to create a float (not a big fancy one, mind you)...but one that would showcase our love for animals and our commitment to the community as well as a show of our stewardship with the community's resources.  

Parades are pretty complicated when you're a rescue organization.

Or, maybe I just over-analyze everything.


My amazing kid...who hangs out with me a lot dressed up as a Mardi Gras cat.
As you can imagine, the real cats in the shelter were in no way even considering riding a float.

Nothing doing.

I couldn't even get our resident office cat to wear some beads...or a mask...or anything for that matter.

My kid corralled some of her BFFs from school to dress up with her.

Here's our little crew of "pups" and "kitties."
This is a great bunch of kids by the way.

One of our other board members has a much younger daughter who wanted to dress up and ride the float as well.
My kid helped her with her make-up.
Have I mentioned I have a great kid?

Fee Fee was my co-pilot today on the float.  She's a little skittish, our Feefers, but she weathered the parade well.
We were going to walk behind the float...but those plans changed when the fire truck lined up behind us and a billion jillion people lined up along the sides of the streets...jumping out to get beads.  


These two had a special day out...but were glad to get back in the safety of my car and head back to their cots at the shelter and a good supper...completed with a special treat.  

They were such good girls.
Love my Lillie and Fee Fee :) 

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