Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015 - Disillusionment

Kara Tippets died yesterday.  I didn't know until I saw a post on FB earlier this evening and read yesterday's blog posting:

Kara talked about faith in the light of hardship...her hardship was that she was dying from breast cancer...36 years old, 4 young children, and a loving husband. 

And she died.

How in the world do I DARE feel disillusioned?

How weak am I to let the world disillusion me...when this woman, even with death apparent, did not.  

I keep reminding myself...over and over...that the work we do in this world is not for the people of this world.

People will push you down, shove you out of the way, call your crusade folly, fight you in every direction, follow when they should lead, lead when they should follow.  

People will spite you, compete with you, covet what is yours, and kick you when you're down. 

But this life isn't about people.
It's about the unconditional love of a heavenly father...who waits for us...patiently forgives us...again and again and again...
It's about one day joining that heavenly father in peace.

A peace that knows no pain, no sorrow...only joy, health, and love.

That's what this life is all about. 

Thank-you, Kara, for giving me one small tidbit of your strength through your writing, honesty, and pure heart.  

My prayers are with Kara's family as they grieve the loss of this extraordinary woman.  


  1. My prayers are with Kara's family as well.

  2. So very sad. But, I agree with your words
    so well written.