Monday, June 22, 2015

Home and Back

I went home for a few days this past weekend.
Mom started the next round of chemo tonight, so I needed to refresh before we were locked inside UAB for another week :)

I love home.  
My house needed cleaning, and the laundry needed washing.
But, I didn't even mind.
Ed does what he can to keep things up, but he's getting ready to retire, so a lot is going on for him as well.

I needed hugs from these guys: 

and I needed to check on this sweetie-pie at the shelter:

Mom and I went to the library in her neighborhood before I left so I could check out an audiobook for my ride home and back.
I've been listening to Playlists from Spotify, but I'm just tired of them...I hoped this would hold my attention and force me to concentrate on something.

It was a slow started but once the dog action began, I was hooked.  I'm on the last of 6 CDs.
Imagine if I actually finish this and write a review!!!

Whoa Nelly!

1 comment:

  1. That little pup is adorable.

    I hope this round of chemo goes well for your mom.