Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Who am I?

I'm struggling a little.
Well, maybe a lot.

I knew I was in trouble the first time I walked into a bookstore and didn't feel even the smallest need to buy something. 

While we all go through reader's blocks from time to time, I've NEVER been here.

Mom and I went to Books A Million the other day and just looked around.
Right before she goes back in for the next treatment she feels the best and can actually start getting out and about.

I picked up several books...trying to force the issue.  

I felt a little twinkle that day...particularly when I spotted these: 

I loved Hamilton's early stuff but literally wanted to throw one of her last books against the wall...seriously.  This one is a whopper...not sure I'm ready to make that commitment...I said the last time that I was done.  Am I done? 

I can read Evanovich in about 2 hours, and she's usually good for some brainless laughs...I will probably at least download this one.  Not today. But maybe soon.

...a book from a new series by an author I enjoyed before all the tv hype:

I loved Sookie Stackhouse before True Blood took over...then things just got weird.  This is a new series by Harris...do I dare?

...a book related to the tv show Orange is the New Black...which I'm very disappointed in this season...

I read the book first...and thought it was cool...then the tv show came along and really blew things out of the water...especially this season.  They're so far out there that they're losing me...wonder if another real character could hold my interest?

...and a new book in a series that I've wanted to read for a long time...

There are 17 books in this series...that's a big commitment.  And, what if I don't like them.  I tried the audio versions of the first 3 but kept getting lost...or falling asleep.  No offense to the book, just my fleeting attention span, which let's be honest, has never been lengthy.

and then, this happy little book...about a homeless donkey...short, the donkey has a flower in his mouth...a little bit of inspiration added in...not too much though.

Guess which one I bought?


  1. This new season of OITNB has not been impressive at all. But I started Season 6 of Mad Men and that show continues to evolve and be great.

    You'll be reading again soon. I go through spurts myself and you've had so much going on.

    1. I finished OITNB the other night...the ending made up for the slow start. Have you finished?