Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Today was Ed's first day of retirement. 
He celebrated by getting up at his usual time and taking Reagan to soccer camp...on the campus of the job from which he retired. 

Old habits die hard.

I'm glad for him.
I think he needed to get away from his old job.  It was becoming toxic.  
That's not my story to tell so I won't go into it here. 

Plus, this ain't an academic blog...just in case you've forgotten...
says the English teacher with a PhD who enjoys the hell out of using the word "ain't."

My guy with some of his staff at a nice little dinner they put together for him this week.  
This is a great group of people minus a few others who left before the picture taking commenced and/or who couldn't make it to the dinner.

No toxicity here.
Just good friends.

Happy Retirement, Ed...New Horizons ahead :) 


  1. Happy Retirement! and I like your new blog look.

    1. Thanks Karen! I was way overdue for a re-invent. :)