Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back to School 2015 - The Squirrel Edition

Oh yes, I'm another one of those parents who takes this picture on that first day! 
As much as I love to look back over them, I love seeing all the photos that come before and after THE official Back to School photo for any particular year.

For example:

Me: "Rea, why are you smiling like that? That isn't a natural smile."
Rea: "I'm smiling! This is the way I smile."
Me: "It's a fake smile! I want a real one! I guess I'll just have to do something really dumb to make you smile!"

Rea: "Well, you won't have to do much!"

Me: "You're quite the smartypants, aren't you?"

Me: "Don't look now, but Zeke is creeping on you through the glass on the front door!"

Layla: "Are we done yet?" 
Me: "Done yet? You haven't even looked at the camera once!"

Rea: "You mean I have to wait on her to pose too?? I will be late for school."
Me: "Whose child are you?"

Rea: "Layla, I'm going to be tardy on the first day of school."

Layla: "It's ok! I'll tell your teacher about all the perky squirrels running around in the yard this morning! She'll understand!"

A girl and her dog.

Back to School 2015


  1. Awesome pictures. I hope your daughter has a great school year. The dog is really cute, too.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!