Monday, October 3, 2016

Tell the Truth...and hit POST.

I listened to a podcast interview with Glennon Doyle Melton last night on my way home from Birmingham. 

Elizabeth Gilbert was the interviewer.

The interview, in Gilbert's own words, was a "Benediction" for the closing of her 2nd season of "Big Magic."

These two are BFFs so to say it was an interview that was soul reaching would put it mildly at best. 

Back in ye old book reviewing days, Gilbert's book was one that really hit home with me and I vowed to read more like it.

I've always liked reading.  Always.
But, I like writing too.

I teach writing.
So why is it so hard to write.

Sometimes the words just flow.
When I'm typing with something heavy on my mind and not in the least bit worried about what anyone else will think.

But, when I was book blogging, writing became almost a chore...reading too.
What was I going to read next?
Which book review would I accept next?
Which TBR would I conquer next?
Who would I try to make happy next?
Even though my Book Review policy said that my opinions were my own, I was frightened sometimes to write what I really felt.
Who really cared about what I felt?

But, sometimes the words don't flow.
A lot of times that flow ceases because I'm trying to force the words.
Because I feel like my writing is playing.
I should be doing laundry or grading essays.
Not twiddling away my precious time with writing.

Melton told Gilbert that when she first started writing, she got up at 4:30 every morning and a closet.
I immediately wanted my own writing closet.
Can you even imagine?

I Googled pictures of writing closets, but I couldn't find one that looked like mine would.
My writing closet would be big enough that the clothes hanging would not touch me.
Yet, not so big that there is so much air around me to feel a draft.
I would want my clothes to sortof envelope me.
Not that I worship my clothes or anything, but it's kindof like the big fluffy robe I wear no matter what temp it is outside.
Sometimes I have to jack down the AC so I can wear my robe...but hey, it works.

I saw many pics of writing closets with the writer's back exposed.
I don't want that either.
I would need to face the opening.
No idea why on this one.

Obviously the idea of a writing closet is to pull the writer away from any and all possible distraction.
I need that.

The other Melton tidbit that stuck with me is that she wrote for a certain amount of time and then clicked

'Scuse me, what?

Melton says, the response isn't part of the writer's job.
The creativity, the writing...that's where the writer's job ends.
What others think of it?
How others respond?
Not the writer's problem.
I took a blogging break for a I started dealing with some pretty serious issues in my life.  I'm still dealing with by day...
I disabled all comments and even blocked out readers for a while...and it was very freeing to write, knowing that the space was only mine again.
I'm ready to venture back out.
We'll see.
No promises.

I saved Melton and Gilbert's podcast.
I'll be debriefing this one for a while I think.

I'm hitting post, y'all.
This should be interesting.

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