Thursday, January 19, 2017


5:49 a.m.

My post yesterday about Monday's schedule ended at 11:15 when I was scrolling through FB.

FB aggravates me, and sometimes I avoid it all together.
But, FB as a tool, or as something I design for myself to meet my individual needs...can actually be a pretty cool place.

At church last night while we waited for our kids to finish their youth session, 3 other ladies and I talked about FB.

One very specifically talked about how frustrated and angry she feels when she scrolls through her angry and frustrated that she "just has to stay off there" sometimes.  
I feel this way too...a lot.

My tenure as president of a local animal rescue organization came to an end in December. 
When I scroll FB, I have so many contacts in the animal rescue world that my newsfeed is overcome by animal rescue photos, articles, rants, etc.
Not the positive kind.

I've been an animal rescuer since I was a little girl.
And I suspect I always will be.
But there is only so much that my heart can take...especially after the last 4 years of seeing the suffering up close and personal.

Someone along the way told me about the HIDE button on FB.
I don't want to "unfriend" my contacts...many of them I do indeed like and call them FRIENDS.
But my heart needs a break.
And that's not just with animal rescue stuff...

In recovery, I'm learning that guarding my sobriety is A#1 paramount important.
Anything that threatens my sobriety has to be put away.
(Obvious exceptions to the parts of my life that aren't going away and must be dealt with)

I'm "putting away" rescue.

I've hidden the posts that hurt me.
This is for me...I'm not trying to say that those posts that tear people's hearts out don't have a purpose.
But, for me, right now, in this season, they have to be hidden.

It took few days of hiding...but Tuesday when I was scrolling through  my newsfeed, I was actually laughing.
FB became a place to scroll quickly for a smile or two.
A place that offers encouragement.
A place that puts a smile on my face.
I found myself "liking" and "loving" other posts and even sharing some of the smiles I'd received. 

Lord knows, we need to share the smiles.
We sure seem to share enough of the other stuff.

This one was one of my favorites and I'm still laughing as I struggle to upload the dang thing here.

These were my other favorites from Tuesday...

I have 3 daughters.  Need I say more.
(Full Disclosure: the Lucy in the bottom right corner is not me anymore ;) 

This one made me smile because I know this dog.  
He's one of the highest energy dogs I met over my tenure at the ARL.
Jubi was in danger of being euthanized for an adoption that wasn't well thought out in the first place.
Because we are small, our organization worked with other organizations in cases like Jubi's to make room for dogs like him...those who needed a little more one on one and a little more time...time to find the right owner.
Our shelter was just that...a shelter. 
I like that part of rescue.
I know that Jubi will not be adopted out again until the people are right. 
Big smile and feeling of comfort.
Deep breath.

Teacher humor, y'all.
After you've taught for 20+ years, I'm beginning to believe that a certain amount of madness (crazy madness, not anger) begins to set in. 

Remember that part of Willy Wonka where he's just spinning and spouting off nonsense?

That's a teacher.

Me, y'all.

6:28 a.m.


  1. I agree. For many, FB can be a place where comparisons are made, hearts are broken, tempers are fanned and unfortunately a place where people air their political preferences, sometimes surprising the heck out of me. But with work and careful use of that hide button, FB can be an okay place to spend some time. It also comes down to friends. A lot of my friends now are through church so what they post is much more positive in general than what I used to see.

    1. We had bad weather in our area last night and were woken around 3:30 a.m. to sirens. While we sat in the closet, we all got on FB and were able to check on friends very quickly. It was comforting to know that people had heard the sirens and had taken cover. This morning my FB feed is full of mostly positive messages about volunteer services, offers for help, prayers for rebuilding, and news. People helping people. So so comforting to see and hear.