Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Day in Mississippi

We're snowed in here.
About as snowed in as we get in Mississippi.
Snowed in means that after a Christmas monsoon season and tornado warnings, the temperature dropped below freezing over a 24 hour period and turned all that standing water into ice.
Mississippians don't know anything about how to survive on ice. 
We stay at home.

Mississippians have to be very flexible about the weather.
I kid you not that we were at 80 degrees the day before yesterday.
In shorts for Thanksgiving.

We have had a cold day or two before that, but pretty religiously we get up, step out onto the back porch to see how cold or hot it is and then decide what to wear to work.
All seasons of clothes are still in our closets.
Because I may need a turtleneck one day and need a tank top the next.
I'm not even playing.

Fortunately for me, the cold weather is just in time for a couple of rest days. 
What I thought was a sciatic nerve problem turned out to be a hip problem...just needed adjusting.
Since I have the very best chiropractor in the world, she fixed me this past week.
She's checking me again next week and then we're going to work out a maintenance plan of sorts to keep me in line...or aligned...whatever...before and during marathon training begins full force this summer.  

That means I don't even have to feel sad about staying in the house for a couple of days. 
This is exactly what I'm supposed to do :) 

I changed my blog up some...just needed to feel new.
I just have to play with things and see how it feels, but I think I'm settled in for a while with the new design.  

Peppermint Ph.D. is now officially Mississippi Running Mama.
My academic life is just about the smallest part of who I am.
It is my job.
I love my students and I am there for them...during working hours...but I'm taking back my life and taking care of me and mine.
Self-Care is my motto.
And LIVE is my word of the year! 


Do you have a word of the year?
How do you keep busy when you can't run for a while?
What do you think of my changes??  (Not sure anybody is around from the past but it's worth asking ;)


  1. Sometimes the ice is a lot worse than the snow. Hope you all survived down there! I am right outside of DC and we don't handle the snow too well around here. Sometimes all of DC just shutsdown for days. I love your word of the year and look forward to connecting with you more. Happy new year!

    1. If there's a hint of wintery weather, we shut down. We're only about a mile from the coast so we really don't have a clue. I think the temps will climb a bit today so hopefully the leftover patches of ice will melt. Happy New Year to you as well, and I also look forward to connecting more :)

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