Thursday, January 26, 2017

Yoga with Dogs

5:31 a.m.

Yesterday I took a huge leap.
I have no idea why it's so hard for me to "put myself out there."
I have no idea why I doubt myself so much.
But, I did it.

I posted on social media (only on my personal Instagram page, people...don't push me ;) about deciding to become a coach and introduced my first challenge group month! 

I know.
I was pretty stunned myself.

It felt good.
It really did.

Several lady friends of mine responded positively and indicated that they wanted to know more...and of course, that validation felt good.  
I have long suspected there are other women out there in the world who feel like I do.
We're overwhelmed.
We're frustrated.
We're sad.
We suffer from anxiety and/or depression, either seasonally or constant.
We are addicted.
To something.
Or someone.
We may not even admit it to ourselves because we're scared to death of the word addicted.


But, we shouldn't be afraid.
Through recovery, we can connect with some of the most amazing women we'll ever meet.
Some of them we've followed before and wished we had a life like hers.
She's got it all together.
Her husband is perfect.
Her kids are perfect.
Her job is perfect.
She is happy.


Many times, she wants to recover as well.
In fact, the truth is, we all are recovering from something.
Maybe things aren't as perfect as it seems.
And, even if it is, nobody's life is perfect all the time.
I have a hard time believing that anybody's life is ever perfect, but I can't speak for everybody else.

I was given a blessing 8 months ago.
A blessing that I am going to return 10 fold.

As I start my new fitness (body, mind, and soul) ministry, I will honor God in everything I do.  
That's a promise I made the first time I had a conversation with my support person.
And, it's a promise I intend to keep.

My faith is central to everything I do.
It has to be.
That's how I survive.

Running and yoga are my therapy.
And dogs.

Yoga in my p.j.s last night. 

 Layla hasn't noticed yet
Please don't judge the mismatched p.j./yoga attire.
That's just how I roll.

 Layla:  MOM!!! (notice the ears)

 Layla: "I'm here, Mom...I'm here...don't worry...I'll save you from this yogi!"
(at our house, each animal has a voice...Layla calls "yoga" "yogi").
Is that a problem?

 Layla: "Is your leg hurt, Mom...what can I do??"

 Layla: "Mom, it will help if I lick you...I just know that it will. Licking helps everything."
Zeke: "Here we go again."


 Zeke: "Layla, leave Grandma alone...she's just doing her yogi.  My mom does her yogi too. Can't you feel the vibes?? (smh)"

Layla: "Where's the vibe??"

 Zeke: (whispering under his breath) "German Shepherds are so weird." 

 Layla: "What did you just call me?"

"Ima get in Grandma's chair now."

6:11 a.m.

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