Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 396 - Menu Monday

This week is a strange week...Ed and I will have 2 nights without any children in the house.   
Can't remember the last time that happened.

Sunday - Seared Knockwurst w New England Style Beans and Cole Slaw - Blue Apron meal

Monday - Chicken Parmesan w Summer Squash and Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks - Blue Apron meal

Tuesday - Chicken Parmesan - Blue Apron meal leftovers from Monday night

Wednesday - Salad - I've got several summer salads that I've saved on to decide exactly which one...

Thursday - veggies and cornbread - the details of this meal will depend on what's fresh at the market.  I won't buy much this week since we're leaving town early Saturday morning.

Friday - breakfast - thinking about omelets this week for the same reasons as Thursday...I don't really want leftovers sitting around. We'll see.

I'm just giddy about this.
I've never been there...but most importantly, my girl is there!!! 

My oldest daughter on the right...and one of her new friends on the left :)
We will be way off schedule next week, and Ed is in charge of the structure.


  1. I enjoyed your Monday menu post. Cute, fun photo! :)

    1. So excited to see my firstborn! She's working this summer as an intern at Dolphins Plus. She is most definitely in her element and it does my heart good to see her so happy :)

  2. Your vacation sounds like fun! I have been wanting to try Blue Apron.......are you happy with it? I am thinking I need to wait until we are down to 4 instead of the 8 we have now. What do you think? Does the family plan feed four? At the end of August our family at home will be Jimmy, me, Leah, and Sam.

    1. I am very happy with Blue Apron, Roan :) I use Hello Fresh sometimes as well and have tried Home Chef. You can choose your menus weekly so I just shop around and see whose menu best fits my family. I would definitely wait until you are down to 4. We buy the family plan for 4 and do have leftovers most of the time. I only get two meals a week from Blue Apron. Hello Fresh and Home Chef do 3 meals a week. The deliveries give me a break from having to plan, buy, etc. You are much more organized than I am though :)

  3. I would love to use Blue Apron but my husband and son are two serving types so I would have to get double what a normal meal plan would have. Plus, all my food allergies. I know you can specify allergies and they will accommodate somewhat but it sure reduces the available options.

    Have fun on your vacation!! I've never been there but have many friends that go regularly and it always looks like a total blast.

    1. I definitely think it would be difficult for y'all. :( You do have quite a variety of food needs. The boxed companies have lots of competition right now though...and more companies just keep popping up. I like to experiment so I'll keep my eye on the market! If a company pops up that lets you mix and match, I'll keep you updated!
      My husband has been to Miami and driven through the Key West area on recruiting trips during his coaching days...but I've never been anywhere in the area. I'm so excited!