Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 403 - Key Largo - Menu Monday that really isn't a Menu Monday because we're on vacation

After a long day of traveling, and a one night stop in Miami, we have finally arrived in Key Largo.
After a bit of culture shock (bc we're that Southern family that's used to Orange Beach, AL and Destin, FL for vacation), we're settling in nicely and getting ready for our first big adventure on this trip! 

Saturday - Ride in the car forever and ever and ever and ever...take lots of naps bc Ed won't let anybody else drive.

We at WhichWhich sandwiches for lunch on Saturday on the road - I've given Which Which a couple of tries and I am not impressed :(

A Smith family vacation staple, Steak and Shake was supper Sunday night.

Sunday - Miami Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs
We met up with our oldest daughter in Miami...she's here for an internship at Dolphins Plus for the summer.  
Poor Kendal has never been to a Cubs game and seen the Cubs win...we're not sure whose fault that is :/
We're Cubs fans btw...
Sorry Cubbies.

We did eat, hot dogs, pretzels, Cracker Jacks, and peanuts while at the game...oh and don't forget the $6.50 cotton candy
What the??

We did eat at a Pizza and Past place called Boardwalk Pizza Co. on Sunday night...this was my veggie pizza...and I ate every single bite...all by myself...sure did.
And I'm not even sorry. ;)

The first time I snorkeled was in Jamaica and I was a tad nervous (ok, more than a tad) goal for today is to relax and enjoy this beautiful life I've been given and to be an example for my daughters to do the same.

Supper is scheduled for a place called Robbie's in Islamadora

Yellow Snapper fish tacos were for dinner...I scarfed em down so fast I forgot to take a picture.
Then, the mosquitos proceeded to scarf us down.

Tuesday - Key West and Ernest Hemingway - I'm a reader and an English teacher...this planned stop makes me happy, happy, happy!!!!

Fish sandwich and homemade potato chips at The Six-Toed Cat for lunch.

Key Lime Pie - The Six Toed Cat style - very creamy and delish.

Sloppy Joe at Sloppy Joes Bar for dinner in Key West...and old Hemingway hangout.
I keep biting my food before pics.
Not sorry ;)

Wednesday - Swimming w dolphins @ Dolphins Plus in Key Largo

Not even gonna lie, y'all...I'm so stinkin' excited about this experience! 
This is the place where our oldest is a summer intern :) 

Thursday - Head home and see anything we need to see on the way back.

Steak & Shake again, y' the car...I hate eating in the car :( 

Friday - Home - pick up doggies from the vet :):):)
Started missing them from the moment I dropped them off.

**The husband is a regular Clark W. Griswold on these trips...with his agenda and I don't know much ahead of time (and like it that way)!

Anybody out there have any recommendations I can pass along to "Clark"??