Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 416 - Slow Southern Sunday - The Week in Review

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Classics Favorites this week :)

Can't Wait Wednesday
The Almost Sisters by Joshlyn Jackson

Thankful Thursday
AA, spaghetti, budgets, the library, and summer reading

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Describing my reading passion...

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grading papers, napping, washing dishes, ordering uniforms for Back to School, weekend in Birmingham, Eating, Disney's Newsies!!

Reading Progress - Books in the Sidebar

Self-Esteem - I read the 2nd chapter on "The Pathological Critic"...I was supposed to read the next chapter as well, but Chapter 2 hit me hard.  I've found my critic no doubt...but I'm going to have to work hard on turning her around.  I have an exercise to complete and read Chapter 3 before our next appt.  My research brain wonders how many women would read Chapter 2 and react just like I did...Sadly, I'm betting on many.

Braving It - I've replaced Therby Hangs a Tail with Braving It for now. I gave Braving It to my father for Father's Day and then was sent a complimentary copy from the publisher for review, so it's calling my name.

E-book - I finished Cold Hearted River just last night and will start that review soon, so I've got to pick my next Ebook tonight...I'm still scrolling...I pick up discounted Kindle books all the time from various blogs and websites I follow...I have plenty, but choosing is hard sometimes.

Library pick - I've been working on my review for Hillbilly Elegy and really need to get it back to the library tomorrow.  I would love to find a copy of Wild, so I can get started on that review as well as something else interesting off the NEW shelf :)

The Handmaid's Tale - I haven't started this audio yet...I'm not sure why.  I'm very slow with audio which is why it's not worth it to me to join Audible...the last thing I need is a backlog of audiobooks to listen to.  I have a few leftover from the time a few years back that I gave it a try...I usually end up buying a print copy as well which is sortof silly...but it is what it is.

Social Media Favorites


July 4 wouldn't be the same without a retweet of the Declaration of Independence :)

Patti Rasberry Smith

Becky Bishop trains dogs and other trainers to help schools use Kindles to read with kids.
Oh my.
I love this stuff so much.
Reading with Rover


My kid has to read The Hobbit before school starts...
guess what??...


Back still hurts but it's put up or shut up time. Tomorrow I'm ordering the cushiest shoes I can find...the Brooks Ghost...supposed to feel like I'm walking on clouds...we shall see.


I was able to get some podcasts in on the way to Mom's Friday in the car.
Jamie Ivey's "The Happy Hour" is one of the most approachable, listenable podcasts out there...when I listen to Jamie, I seriously just feel like I'm sitting around talking with friends.  Of course some weeks are better than others...that's a given.  This week, however, Jamie talked with Lisa Harper.  Lisa's new book The Sacrament of Happy: What a Smiling God Brings to a Wounded World was just what I needed to hear this week.
Did you know God doesn't just love us?
He DELIGHTS in us.
Lisa's humor meshed in the most serious and real conversation with Jamie is done in such a way that the listener has to smile too.

Since my reading mojo is back in full swing (see what I did there?), I can't get enough of people talking about books!  I love this little podcast I've just recently discovered..."From the Front Porch"...Chris and Annie were talking about so many good books in this podcast that I had to pull over and open up my Amazon app on my phone...true story!  I marked the place where I left off so I can finish it tomorrow :)

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  1. Audible has a plan they don't advertise where you get a credit every other month. You need to speak to customer service.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely check on it!