Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 417 - Meal Plan Monday

I'm linking up with Organizing Junkie
Big Bear's Wife this to get ideas from their menus :) 

This week's menu is a little off for sure.  Blue Apron didn't deliver yesterday, we have VBS this week, and we have tons of Back to School errands to get started on.  I can't believe I just typed that.
Blue Apron sent me a notice to say that Fed Ex shipping was confused in some way and that if I did receive my box, that I should not try to eat the food,
No problem there.
But, it sure was nice of them to tell me :)
Blue Apron is still my favorite of the boxed meals I've tried.  I am ready to give Marley Spoon and SunBasket a turn as well :)

Monday - I started the 2nd semester of summer school today so I knew today would be youngest daughter starts soccer practice tomorrow, needs school shoes and underthings...oy...and my middle daughter needs a pantsuit for a job interview.  Needless to say, there was nothing else to do today except eat out.
So we did.
Mandarin Express in the mall...I know...I know...

We didn't even get home in time for VBS...but we did get some things done.  
Tomorrow we should be ok to take things a bit easier.
Fingers crossed.

I've been meaning to make this one for a while.

Y'all this is the easiest recipe in the world...and probably costs all of about $15.00 to make. 
My people haven't stopped raving about it and asking when we're having it again, so guess what?
We're having it again.
Wednesday nights are my AA meetings so I may move casserole night to Wednesdays.  I can just put it in the oven when I leave and they can eat without having to wait on me.
My youngest daughter has also requested I add fried okra to this meal, so we shall surely give that a whirl.


Individual pizzas w 5 min. pizza dough from Organized Junkie.  I had this on the menu 2 weeks ago but plans changed and didn't get to it.  I really think homemade pizzas could be a weekly staple for us if I could get the dough figured out.

Breakfast - the middle daughter leaves for a bridesmaid weekend so only 3 of us will be home.
Pancakes, biscuits, bacon, maybe grits...

Grill - if the weather cooperates, barbeque chicken


Mississippi Pot Roast

I've made Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast many times since first discovering it, but my husband has developed quite an aversion to thyme :/  I have no clue.
Anyhoo, PW uses a good bit of thyme in her recipes so I have to watch out for that.
I was born in Mississippi and have lived most of my life here...but have never made this social media famous recipe.
That's happening Sunday.

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