Friday, October 13, 2017

Thankful Thursday...on Friday - Figuring things out

As a part of active recovery, a gratitude list is paramount for me.
What I want to do here weekly is not just be thankful for the easy stuff (although that does have a place)...but I want to take the negative and spin it positive.

So, no negatives here.  
Only positive.

1.  our new church...the energy, the friendliness, the welcoming, the opportunities...

2.  my backyard - it's finally been cool enough to sit outside in the's a wonderful space.

3.  my husband - he can fix anything!  

4.  my husband again - he didn't even grumble when the washing machine in our new house leaked through the ceiling. Wowza!

5.  Fall Break - I think we should have one of these each week ;) 

6.  access to healthcare...and choices...I've got a little health issue and moving forward, I'll have decisions to make.  I'm just glad I get to make those decisions.

7.  the stairs in our new house - they may keep me from gaining 200 lbs. now that root beer has become my new nemesis.

8.  root beer and M&Ms - I've always turned to these two during times of stress, but these guys have made me realize that my dependence on them is not so different from my former dependence on alcohol.  We're currently discussing a truce and possibilities going forward.  The stairs have been invited to participate in the negotiations as well as my bathroom scale.

9.  being able to drive off campus of my job and truly leave town - I needed this so badly.

10.  the washing machine in my new house - through the leaking incident, I've learned to be more mindful of my house and its workings...and more careful and aware of how the insides of a house work together similar to the insides of a clock.

11.  my AA friends - I haven't been going to meetings - choir practice at my new church happens on Wednesday nights at the same time as Sobriety Sisters.  I am trying to find a meeting that I can attend at least once a week, but my sisters still keep in touch.

12.  choir - oh, how I've missed choir.  I really didn't realize how much until that first night of practice.  We sang an old spiritual called "Soonah," and literally, my eyes had tears in them.  I've been blessed by every practice and the one Sunday morning anthem I've been involved in so far.

13. my brain is truly beginning to feel ob/gyn told me about 6 months ago that it typically takes about 18 months for a recovering alcoholic's brain to truly recover...November will be my 18th month, and even though I still struggle, I have really been noticing a difference lately.  I'm more focused, more present, more aware, more ok, more lots of stuff that I haven't been in a long, long time.  

14.  this blog...I'm not here everyday...and I'm applying grace to myself for that.  It's ok.  I started this blog 7 years ago for myself.  When I look back at my posts, whether or not anyone else reads them, they bring me joy.  This space has become exactly what I intended it to be...mine.

This week's list could go on and on...and that should probably be the next item on the list...that I have so many things to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm glad you found a new church to love. I'm also glad that your husband is handy and that the washer leak was no big deal. I stress about that stuff. I still have a stain on my ceiling from the AC line freezing and then leaking into my living room. I sprayed it with bleach and it helped but "I" am going to have to paint it myself.

    1. The husband used bleach on one of the boards in the ceiling...a crossbeam I believe he called it. He was a little worried about rot, but the board seemed sturdy and strong, so hopefully with airing out, resealing, and no more water coming from the washing machine, we'll be ok. The market in the town we moved to is a little different than the town we left, so we had to act fast to get the house we wanted. Long story short, we own two houses now. :( Between moving out, cleaning, moving in, cleaning, fix-ups, and more fix-ups, I know the husband is exhausted.