Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Meetings and Memories

As a part of active recovery, a gratitude list is paramount for me.
What I want to do here weekly is not just be thankful for the easy stuff (although that does have a place)...but I want to take the negative and spin it positive.
This practice has truly helped me become more mindful and aware of life's simplicity...a simplicity that I miss when I'm racing around.

1.  AA - So incredibly thankful that after 2 months of no meetings, the topic of the night brought up by a woman still in treatment was "complacency."  
God did that.  
In our closing circle we always say, "Keep coming back. It works if you work it."  
I hear you, God.
I hear you.

2.  Big brown German Shepherd eyes that see right into my soul.

3.  a man who is growing with matter how painful and rocky, he tries in his own way...with his own love languages.

4.  The Marriage Advent fun that begins tomorrow! One task per day.

5.  the quiet (mostly) weeks before finals...hunkering down in my space.  Mine.

6.  Finding books on Goodreads that bring back warm childhood memories...books I haven't thought of in years.

7.  Ebay...where vintage copies of those books from my childhood can be found.

8.  Finding unique places inside our new house for my books.

9.  Realizing that the last two books in my car that were going to be donated...probably need to come on back in the house.

Take a look around and see what you can find...go ahead...I'll wait :) 


  1. My SIL was admitted for liver failure and then my BIL, her husband, was placed on life support the day after Thanksgiving. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. He is going better right now but organs are in full failure. Wife was released and then readmitted because as soon as she got home from the hospital, she started to drink right away. I am seeing the effects and it's terrible. She is 45 and the docs thought she was my BIL's mother! She is using a walker, needs adult diapers and is losing her vision because of circulation issues. This is all happening while he is in the ICU. Keep going and reach out if you ever need to. He was just three months away from retiring from the Sheriff's dept.

    1. Tina, you are just the sweetest person ever :) Thank you for your support. When I walked into that meeting Wednesday night, so much pressure lifted. I was really beginning to feel it. I know I've got to stay on top of it during the holidays especially. One day at a time.