Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Acceptance and Amazon Prime

As a part of active recovery, a gratitude list is paramount for me.
What I want to do here weekly is not just be thankful for the easy stuff (although that does have a place)...but I want to take the negative and spin it positive.
This practice has truly helped me become more mindful and aware of life's simplicity...a simplicity that I miss when I'm racing around.
One day at a time.
Keep coming back.
It works if you work it.

8:41 a.m.

1.  AA - if it wasn't for AA meetings, I would most certainly be drinking again by now. Most certainly.  I've stepped up my meetings and have come to love the midday meeting close to my home.  

2.  my children - they have no idea how grounded they keep me.
no idea.

3.  FedEx - they will deliver my middle daughter's Christmas on time in Montana.
Doesn't matter that I essentially had to buy the box a plane ticket to make it there before the resort she's working in closes the mailroom on Friday.
Run, Run, Rudolph!

4.  the Furminator bath my GSD will receive today. GSDs are called German Shedders for a reason. PSA for those thinking of getting one.

5.  my hairless house after said dog gets the Furminator treatment.  Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.  Could seriously use one of those iRobot thingies for the upstairs and the downstairs...just afraid the pittie mix would attack them or retreat into panic mode...or both.
True story.

6.  literally and figuratively closing doors on the past - Closing on our old house happens today - I'm all about owning only one house at a time - so is my wallet, and so is my husband's stress level.
I'm not sad.
That's a little weird to me.
But, I'm going with it.

7.  Amazon Prime - seriously, do I even have to explain this? I bow to you, Amazon, your free shipping, easy returns, fantastic customer service, and a Christmas shopping season I can deal with.

8.  early morning shopping - get out, get it done, go home...before the rest of the world catches on.  Only for things I can't get on Amazon of course.

9.  Gift cards - seriously - who doesn't love to go shopping on someone else's dime.  I know my girls do and I am happy to oblige.  
Ditto what I said about Amazon in #8.

10.  Year 2 - the year of Resentment - brought up by a 3 year chip receiver at yesterday's noon meeting.  I'm not happy other people have experienced unhappiness.  What I am grateful about is the crazy things in my head are actually NORMAL.
It's ok to be ok and then not be ok.
Guess what?
Life is like that for everybody.
Not just alcoholics.
Recovering alcoholics just live it drowned in memories of booze.


11. Acceptance - topic of last night's meeting - I'm learning.  I will probably keep learning for many many years to come.  I'm in trouble if I ever think I know it all.  So thankful to have that pressure removed.  
I don't have to know it all.
There's time each day to learn.

12.  my husband who knows how to get the hot water heater to heat our water for my nightly shower...and his willingness to put down whatever he's doing to make hot water happen for me when I've decided it's time.

13. bedtime - I don't always like it because I can very easily get caught up in IG, FB, Twitter, etc. long into the night.  But, bedtime is almost as important to me as this list.  I'm much better when I adhere to 10 p.m. bedtime.
If it's not done by 10 p.m. it's not getting done.
Amazingly all those things not done by 10 p.m. seem to be just fine waiting till morning so far.


Take a look around...Stop for a minute.   
Find one thing you are grateful for.  Just one.
I'd love for you to post it in the comments :)