Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - Guitar Man

I've been missing for the last few days...but for very good reasons :)
1.  The husband's 50th birthday yesterday
2.  Aerosmith concert in Atlanta, GA Thursday night in celebration of the husband's 50th birthday
3.  Planning for the husband's 50th birthday bash next Friday night

More on all of it later, but today's photos are courtesy of the husband who took awesome photos at the Aerosmith concert.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry started the show off at the end of the "runway"

Now, as are all Aerosmith fans, I like Steven Tyler, but ladies, I must be honest.  You see Joe Perry there with his incredibly beautiful wife Billie's photo on his guitar?  Mmmmhmmm, yeah...thank-you very much.  I'm a guitar man's lady; what can I say??

After a drum solo, Steven Tyler joined Joey Kramer on stage for a duet...I have no idea how these guys do this without passing out...I'm not kidding.

When Kramer and Tyler were done, they tossed their drumsticks to the screaming crowd :)

Tyler backed up by #1 guitarist in the world, Joe Perry

Joe Perry playing his guitar over the back of his head

Steven Tyler rose up from the bottom of the stage on this white baby grand

Joe started off on the main stage...

...but then joined Steven on top of the piano :)

one of my favorite parts of the entire show...

Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton

Joe and Steven bringing the show to a close...

FAN FREAKIN' (Steven Tyler would use another F adjective) TASTIC!!

I had the best time at my husband's 50th birthday concert!!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Media Monday - Perception

I'm loving my Comcast On Demand tv because no matter how much I don't watch tv on a regular basis, if I do want to watch something, I want to watch it on my own time.  
Lots of folks have recommended DVR to me, but I've just not gotten on that train yet. With On Demand, I can login at night, review what's been on where and decide then what I want to watch.  DVRing means I have to know something is coming on at a certain time on a certain date...that so isn't happening for me right now.  

Through my On Demand, I caught the beginnings of the new tv series, Perception, starring Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame.  Dr. Daniel Pierce is a genius and professor of neuroscience at what looks like an Ivy League college somewhere in Chicago.  His is a popular professor, absolutely and incredibly in tune with his students in the classroom and makes his professional content area reachable to them.  Outside the classroom though, Dr. Pierce exhibits schizophrenic characteristics.  He is not a dangerous man, by any stretch of the imagination, and uses his professional knowledge to work through his mental illness, struggling at times with his own ability to see reality vs imagination.  Thankfully, he is working within an environment that supports his impeccable work despite the drawbacks of his condition.  His loyal sidekick is graduate student/TA, Lewicky, who keeps Dr. Pierce on schedule and makes sure his daily routines are carried out to lessen Dr. Pierce's "episodes."

Kate Moretti is a former student of Dr. Pierce and working with the FBI.  She consults with Dr. Pierce whenever her caseload involves understanding the neurological nuances of the brain in either the victim or the criminal...or both. 

I'm always scared to fall in love with a new series.  Just my luck, I'll be the only one falling in love and it'll get yanked before I get my fill.  :p 
But, I'm falling for this one.

Eric McCormick is in his element in the classroom as Dr. Pierce.  He is utterly believable as this uber intelligent/professorial type, one who under normal circumstances would have his female students falling at his feet. 

His classroom lectures are where he pulls me in the most.  What can I say?  Once an academic, always an academic.
While I'm not a fan of the lecture itself, Dr. Pierce is somehow able to pull his students into a real world conversation where they actually begin to understand the connection between the giant words he's using and the very complicated workings of the human brain.  Cool.

Outside the classroom, on the case, there are times where I can't help feeling sorry for Dr. Pierce (even though he never feels sorry for himself, nor wants anyone else to feel sorry for him).  The misfirings in his brain manifest themselves into hallucinations..."characters" who come to life in order to help him work through the puzzle.  What makes me sad is that sometimes he's not sure what's real and what's not and gets confused.   When he feels like he's losing it, Dr. Pierce dons headphones and conducts the classical music he's listening to.  To me, this seems like a cognitive behavioral strategy to distract his brain from "freaking out."  A little strange and definitely noticeable to those around him, this eccentricacy is the weirdest part of Dr. Daniel Pierce to me.

Despite the drawbacks of his condition, Dr. Pierce is a genius...truly a genius.  The ways he works through puzzles, whether crossword puzzles, anagrams, or the crimes themselves, is astounding.  He needs these puzzles to exercise his brain, so they're a welcome challenge; however, his brain will not let go once it gets started.

If you like mystery/detective stuff with some heavy thinking embedded as well as are interested in mental illnesses and specifically how people with mental illnesses can and are still an integral part of mainstream society, then join me tonight for Peception on TNT.

Just for the record: I do not work for TNT, don't know anybody there, and they've never even heard of me. All my opinions here are freely given and were not solicited in any way.
I just like this show :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Salon - If it seems to good to be true...

I've been participating in some Giveaways and Giveaway Hops this summer for a purely innocent and obviously naive agenda...I wanted to meet new book lovers who blog and share some of my love for books, have conversations, and even share some of my pre-read or extra books just lounging on my shelves.
I've been blogging 3 years.  
And most of you seasoned bloggers are going to slap your foreheads with your palms when I tell you what I'm sad about.

Did you know that sometimes people who enter giveaways don't blog?  Anywhere?
Did you know that sometimes those non-bloggers actually create blogs or other social media accounts with no posts just so they can enter giveaways?
Did you know that sometimes those who enter giveaways don't actually do the things they've told you they've done?

I feel like an idiot.

I don't guess I would have noticed this trend had I not started clicking on blog links to comment on blogs of those who didn't win the giveaway.  I'm a people person; what can I say?  
I found blog after blog after blog with names and no posts.  What makes me saddest about this is that others who are really a part of this community are missing out bc of these random folks who drop by just to win a prize.  
I like a prize just as much as everybody else.  But, I'm not gonna create a GoodReads account or any other account that I don't plan to use just so I can win a prize (I like LibraryThing much better anyway).  Especially in the case of ARCs, I take my responsibility seriously as far as not sharing the author's work with someone who might be planning to sell or otherwise promote the book without the author's permission.
Yes, at this point I'm imagining all kinds of people entering my giveaways and also posting on my blog...I like traffic but I don't want to invite the wrong kind of traffic.
Yes, I'm obsessive...why do you ask?  

I am thankful that the people who've won my giveaways so far have indeed been other bloggers who are entering the giveaway bc they really love books and they really love being a part of a community of readers.
However, I'm pretty sure that from now on, I'll be adding the "must be an active blogger" in my giveaway hop stipulations from now on.  I know that will keep out some really nice folks who don't have a blog but still love to read, but I don't know what else to do about it?

PLEASE chime in about your giveaway experiences, the best of the best, the worst of the worse (so I'm not surprised again) and what to do about all this????
Am I making to much of this??