Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back to School 2015 - The Squirrel Edition

Oh yes, I'm another one of those parents who takes this picture on that first day! 
As much as I love to look back over them, I love seeing all the photos that come before and after THE official Back to School photo for any particular year.

For example:

Me: "Rea, why are you smiling like that? That isn't a natural smile."
Rea: "I'm smiling! This is the way I smile."
Me: "It's a fake smile! I want a real one! I guess I'll just have to do something really dumb to make you smile!"

Rea: "Well, you won't have to do much!"

Me: "You're quite the smartypants, aren't you?"

Me: "Don't look now, but Zeke is creeping on you through the glass on the front door!"

Layla: "Are we done yet?" 
Me: "Done yet? You haven't even looked at the camera once!"

Rea: "You mean I have to wait on her to pose too?? I will be late for school."
Me: "Whose child are you?"

Rea: "Layla, I'm going to be tardy on the first day of school."

Layla: "It's ok! I'll tell your teacher about all the perky squirrels running around in the yard this morning! She'll understand!"

A girl and her dog.

Back to School 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Home Sweet Chaotic Home


Glorious home.

Soft, kind, peaceful home.

Soft until our new shelter manager called me 15 minutes outside of town to say a dog had been dropped off...a dog who was almost unresponsive...and the new kennel guy had left her there by herself.

Kind until the crabbiest/sassiest/poutiest mom sat entirely too near me at Parent Orientation.  

Peaceful until these two knuckleheads decided to compete for my attention...and a chewed up orange flipper.

 Zeke: "Look at me Grandma; I can go all the way around the pool and not even jump the fence!"

Layla: "Mommy, don't look at him!"


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chemo Recovery Funnies

Good News!

Mom's numbers have finally started recovering this month!


2 nights ago she dealt with excruciating pain in her hips, which we hoped meant her body was making cells...turns out, in fact, that her numbers took a huge leap! 

Mom's first 6 days of treatment are in hospital. Most of the time she feels ok during the treatment.
Usually around Day 10, she starts pretty steadily going downhill with Days 12-14 consistently being her worst.
Day 14 this month, Mom's numbers were 0.



Nothing means no energy, no blood clotting ability, and no bacteria or viral fighting ability.

Nothing days are scary.

Since she spent more days in the hospital last month than out, we decided to try and take charge this month. 
Days 10-14, we kind of just hunkered down and watched tv.

It was a little boring...

But there are a few shows that get us through the boredom of isolation:

Two and A Half Men - I never watched this show during its regular run...and still have never seen any of the Ashton Kutcher season, nor do I care about the Charlie Sheen controversy.


This show is funny y'all!

Charlie Sheen makes this show...his sarcasm, meanness, and drunken behavior makes me fall off the couch.

Hot in Cleveland is good too!

Betty White is so hysterical that I can ignore these misplaced gif apostrophes!
The other ladies are funny too, but Betty White makes this show.
Her character Elka is so unlike Rose Nieland...and that mouth!

Big Bang Theory

My older daughters love this show and have seen every single episode.
I, however, had never seen any of the episodes until Mom's hibernation.

Sheldon makes me snort!!!!!
Yes, I'm fully aware I'm late to this party!

And last but not least...The King of Queens

Not sure who is funnier, Kevin James or Jerry Stiller.
Leah Remini is a hoot as well, and as a trio, they knock our socks off.

Any other recommendations?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday on Wednesday - Fairytale Retellings

First of all...
in the interest of full disclosure...
I ain't a fan of the fairytale.

Not at all


Soooooo....when I saw this week's topic for Top Ten Tuesday, I rolled my eyes. 

I did.

But then I started thinking about retellings that might be so different from the originals that they make the story BETTER.




Mindlessly searching the bowels of the Internet, I stumbled on some titles that looked at least worth looking into, including Dorothy Must Die, Wicked, Scarlet, and Insanity.  

I didn't find 10 I could convince myself to try and lost interest pretty quickly.  


And, then I looked back over my list.

Dorothy Must Die.





Maybe I should skip the fairytales right now.