Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016 - We don't want him anymore

We see a lot of things at the shelter that we wish we didn't. 
Even among all the cruelty and sickness, the saddest events I think are when an animal is surrendered by its own...simply because they don't want the animal anymore.

This is Bentley.
Our office manager texted me this morning while I was in class that Bentley (Wrinkles before he left the shelter as the cutest little pup in the world) needed to come back.

Bentley's owners (who own several other miniature dachshunds, had decided that Bentley was actually not full-blooded dachshund.
He must, in fact, be mixed with some kind of hunting dog...beagle perhaps...because he chews on their furniture, attacks the cat, doesn't get along with their other animals...and it's just not normal. There must be something wrong with him. 
Josie tried to talk with the owner about crating him.
Crating is cruel.  He has to come back to the shelter.  Today.

I instructed Josie to call the owner back and tell her about our Parvo situation...which is now under control...but we are still under quarantine.
Bentley has not had any vaccinations since he left us 3 months ago...which means he has not even completed his puppy shots and would not be immune to any Parvo on our property.
"Something is wrong with Bentley," the owner said.
Bentley is the problem.

Josie became frustrated with the owner.  She kept her cool as best as she could and told the owner she would ask me what to do.
The owner lost her cool with Josie and said that was fine...but Bentley had to go.  Her husband said so.

Still trying to balance my paid work with my volunteer work,  I texted Josie and told her to call the owner back and explain that we would most definitely take Bentley back, but that I had to find a foster first.  
Please do not bring Bentley onto our property.  Please.  
When I found the foster I would meet her at the shelter, pick up Bentley, and remove him from one car to the other...without his feet touching the ground. 
Josie called the owner who became snippy and said that was fine...but it had to be today.

Under normal circumstances, I would just load Bentley into my own vehicle and bring him to my house for two weeks.  He needs vaccs and then I'm putting his little dachshund hiney on our transport to the northern states where he will be treated as he should be.
But, I just about lived at the shelter during the Parvo outbreak.
I brought home towels, blankets, and beds to wash in my own washer...I'm nervous that I may have, in fact, introduced the damn contagion to my own house and garage.  
No good deed goes unpunished, right?

I asked several of my favorite fosters but the timing was not right for most or they already were taking care of another animal for us.  
I sent a message to our treasurer who is fantastic with smaller animals for short periods of time. 
She said yes.