Book Review Policy

***This page is a work in progress :) 

I've loved books since I was a little girl.
I'm one of those people who finds peace in the library...loves the smell and look of books as well as the words inside.
I've found myself a little pickier lately about what I read and what I don't read.
I turned 50 this year, so I'm pretty sure I've earned it.
I also feel the need to write.
I'm a writing teacher who isn't allowed a lot of time to really do what I teach my students.
This is my space.

1.  I prefer to work with TLC Book Reviews.  If you want me to review your book, ya probably should contact them first.  These ladies know what they're doing and have a process that works smooth as silk.
I also work well with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours, but obviously the potential book to be reviewed would need to be historical fiction.  Amy Bruno also knows what she's doing and is a fabulous organizer to work with.

Other books that I read and review come from my TBR shelves, freebies I receive from Amazon, my local library, I buy for myself, or directly from other publishers.

Most of the time, I do not read or review directly with individuals or publishers simply because I am an honest reviewer.  I'm not here to blow smoke up anyone's...well, you know.
If you are looking for an honest reviewer, and have written or represent a book that fits my personality or interest area, I'll be glad to consider it.  No promises.

2.  I don't usually review negatively...I have a standard format that I like to follow that details my likes and dislikes about a book.  (Take a look at my "Book Reviews" page for examples.)

I don't usually review negatively because I choose the books that I review because something about that book sounds "right up my alley" or tweaks some kind of interest or emotional response from me.
If I'm reading and not liking what I'm reading, the book will more than likely become a DNF.
However, DNFing doesn't happen very often either...since I'm always deciding what I want to read.
I have a full time job.  I don't have time to read "stuff" I don't want to read.

3.  I'm an English teacher.  I cannot overlook basic grammar, spelling errors that are sometimes present in unproofed copies.
Believe me.  I have tried.
I may, in fact, have had nightmares about that sort of thing.
I get enough practice reviewing and editing my students' papers in the composition classes I teach.

4.  In my old age (50), I've decided to just review print books for a while.  I may or may not consider an ebook, but other formats are not my 1st choice.

5.  If I'm reviewing a real live book, I prefer hardback or larger paperbacks.  My eyes can't handle the small mass market paperbacks.

6.  I'm a cover fiend.  I decide many times whether or not to read a book based on the cover.
This may sound shallow, but I'm a very visual person.
You''ll notice that in my reviews as well.

7.  I review for myself.  I don't have ads on my blog nor am I trying to sell anybody anything.  I do link back to Amazon and Barnes & Noble in my reviews because those are stores I like to visit. I'm an Amazon shopper as well...if I can't get it shipped from Amazon, then I must not need it.  I don't work for either company, however. 

8.  The Golden Lines portion of my blog is one of my favorites and helps me bring back how a book made me "feel" as I read it.  My reviews are detailed and tend to be on the longer side.
I like to remember details.

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