Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Every Easter Sunday I have the responsibility of taking "family" photos.
It is really the only Sunday of the year that we are all dressed and ready at the same time.
I love this, as you can imagine, but it ain't always easy. 

I took 179 photos this morning.
Everybody was on their best behavior for the first few photos:

My firstborn and my mom.

My youngest.

My brother and his wife.
See, very nice calm photos...

It's wasn't long though before this kind of behavior began to rear its ugly head:
Yes, my brother is eating the limb of the Dogwood Tree under which he and his lovely wife are standing.

There's always an instigator...but once the laughter begins,
it's quite the challenge to snap a controlled photo of any kind.

My youngest tried to gain control of the situation...

Even my brother's sweet wife tried to help.
This is her dog Nook.

After we dismissed the extended family, I took my children to the backyard...
You can never tell what will happen when all three of my daughters are in the same picture.
Things were looking good at first:
My firstborn.

The youngest.

My middle child.

And, then this shot...which may be one of my favorites in a long time.

Notice the middle child sending the youngest the silly signals...even my firstborn knows what's inevitable now...

My middle child knows that if she can ever get the youngest off track...chaos will ensue.

I also accidently encouraged chaos by suggesting they pretend they could see squirrels in the woods facing them...
My youngest is a squirrel fan.

All semblance of calm was lost forever.

They were delirious!

Sisters :):)

Happy Easter!

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  1. Beautiful photos and even more beautiful girls.
    You have an award on my blog :)