Monday, April 26, 2010


PW is having a Landscape Photo Contest over on her blog.
I love to participate in her photo contests...if for no other reason than to see all of the submissions from around the country from real people just like moi :)

The last photo contest was "macro"
I know nothing about macro so I just enjoyed everyone else's work.
Another thing I don't know anything about is Photoshop.
I'm a SOOTC kind of gal (I learned just recently that means straight out of the camera) ;)

The only thing I have experimented with is saturation.
I like the way it makes the photos "pop."

 These are the pictures I'm submitting for PW's Landscape Photo Contest:

I took these photos in New Mexico last Spring Break.

I LOVE New Mexico.

How much I love New Mexico probably has something to do with the fact that the Head of My Household and I went there on a skiing trip during Spring Break last year.
Just the two of us.
Our kids were MAD!!!

The Head of My Household tricked me into riding on this thing.
I had to talk myself out of having a panic attack the entire ride.
I'm not afraid of heights.
It was the fact that the little carrier thingie swung around as it made its way up and down the mountain.
There were also these little kids who kept jumping around!!

I so enjoyed the rugged natural enviornment in New Mexico.

The artistic culture is everywhere and took my breath away at everything from landscaping, architecture, folkart, and even our hotel bungalow.

This is the house we bought while we were there.
We plan to retire here.
Ha!! Yeah, right!!!!
In my dreams ;)

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I have never been able to visit this part of our country, but every time I see pictures it makes me want to pack my car and go. Immediately.