Friday, April 23, 2010

Moving Ahead

A fellow blogger Linda K has a video posted on her blog of 2 Bulldogs barking and trying to playfully attack a box.
I was watching this video today when my youngest came running into the kitchen.
She had heard the dog barking on the computer.
Her eyes were wide with amazement, "Is that BeyBey?" she said.

I had to remind her that "No, it isn't BeyBey."

On the way home from the high school musical "Grease" tonight, my youngest said she had a dream.
She had a dream that BeyBey fell in our pool, but we scooped her out and saved her.

It will be quite some time before we are not traumatized by this experience.

I have decided though to begin using BeyBey's tragedy as a learning experience and try to turn it into something more positive.

I called today and signed my middle child, my firstborn and I up for CPR classes in two weeks.
The Head of My Household went through training in January.

We are making plans to build a fence around our pool.

I have been sorely reminded of just how very fast someone can drown.
Since our youngest learned to swim, I've probably been much too relaxed about it.
I'm now on high alert.

We will have another Bulldog.
We will honor BeyBey's memory by loving her breed so much that we will give the overflowing love that we bestow upon our animals to another Bulldog.
I'm not sure when.
But, we will.

I am thankful for the short time we had BeyBey.
She made herself at home from the first day she arrived.
She sat in our laps, on my couch, would have slept in my bed if she could have reached that high, and liked for you to scratch her behind:)

I'm going to try and make this my last "sad" post about BeyBey.
We are grieving and we will allow ourselves the time we need to grieve...
but we're going to try and put most of our energy now into honoring her breed.

We heart you, BeyBey.

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