Sunday, May 2, 2010

Research Papers

So much for not bringing my work home with me.

I'm still grading.

I did take a break last night and had a nice glass of wine...ok, ok, I had two nice glasses of wine :)
I graded like a mad woman this afternoon and had to take a nap before evening church services because my head was throbbing...not from the wine :0)

The papers have ranged from really good, I'm very proud, maybe not perfect, but I think they learned a little something along the way...
Where the hell have these people been all semester long????

At first I was going to give the "Where the hell have these people been all semester long?" papers back tomorrow and ask them to do some revisions.
By late this afternoon, I changed my mind.
We have worked on this project
If they haven't got it by now, guess what?
They ain't gonna get it.

I don't mean to sound harsh.
I'm tired.
These folks won't have F's because I'm teaching a process here...that is evaluated on more than just the final grade on the paper.
But they ain't gettin' an A either.

And then I can go on with my life.
So there.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds exhausting.
    I'll bet you cannot wait for summer break!