Thursday, July 15, 2010

CVS is still my favorite...but I'm gonna give Walgreens another chance...

I was very upset with Walgreens...

And maybe not so much Walgreens...
 But the lack of understanding of simple concepts of the young people I ran into that day. 
That will have to be a blog for another day because I just don't have the strength tonight. 

I've been working all week on a report culminating three years of grant work.
The report was 2 weeks late already, and it was just past time to put everything aside and get it done...

Along with teaching my classes, face to face and online, taking care of my family, going away last weekend for a schmoozing weekend with the trustees of our school, getting a stomach virus and finally finishing that dang report, it was nice today to come home a little early, take a nap, take a swim with my youngest and clip my coupons :)

I really missed my "little" binder.

My middle child really got into clipping coupons...I will certainly be taking advantage of her enthusiasm... as long as it lasts.

I'm still sticking with my goal of only buying things I would normally buy...that way even if I don't get the greatest deal, I'm still doing well and saving a little money in the process.

These are the items I scored from CVS and Walgreens my first trip (before I got so upset about Walgreens)...

I did not pay full price for any of these items...I don't have specific numbers for you because of the Walgreens showdown a few days later, but I can tell you that I skipped to my car.

My dream is to stockpile toilet you can see this package of paper towels and toilet paper didn't even make it to the pantry.  Oy!

My happiest day ever, however, was the day I scored these items for FREE!
No, not from Walgreens!
CVS is not as picky about how you use your ECB's as Walgreens is about how you use your RR's.
Between coupons, sales, and ECB's from previous purchases, my OOP was nada.

How do you like my coupon lingo?  Don't I sound professional??

I am going to Walgreens either tomorrow or Saturday.
I have my eye on some Suave deoderants...with my coupons and RR's they should only cost me .65 each.
I will have my deoderant for .65 cents!
Just watch me.

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  1. Wow! You are doing AWESOME! Keep up the great work!!!